Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


Going free to play didn’t screw anyone over. It did revitalize the game for the original players so they didn’t wait an hour between matches.

Being able to play the game you paid for seems like a good deal to me.


no thats not a prank its real evolve is over.Play now that you can the servers will be closing soon


evolve is one of the best games i have played and i am rly sad but the only think i can do is just wish that 2k will do something with evolve and not let it die


sorry but i dont think evolve is comming back


You’re missing the point. Forking out almost a $100 for a game that later on you just give out for free is kind of an insult. I’m sorry money must come easy for you.


i paid 2,50€ for witcher 2 on steam. OUT-RAGE-EOUS. Bet people that paid fullprice feel so cheated now.


I mean, before it went free it was $10, are you pissed about that too?


Actually, yes. It should be an insult to the devs too that a great game they spent a lot of time on isn’t valued appropriately.


Thank goodness no. 2K currently plans to keep the games servers up indefinitely for the time being.


Alright. Take a step back and calm down. The pair of you.

@TheMountainThatRoars can has cleanup please?


Alright. On topic and no biting at eachother, folks.


No. I’m actually very poor. Like if it wasn’t for my family I would be homeless kind of poor.

So you spent a hundred bucks on a game and now you can barely play it, but you are going to complain that they did the only thing they could to let you get your moneys worth out of it. You’re insane.


I was going to come back at you with guns blazing but i see no point. You obviously have taken MY opinion to heart and the back and forth quite frankly is a waste of my time. I believe what i do and understand what you are getting at but you seem not to be doing the same. So with that i say good day to you and if you must have the last word than by all means have at it. Just know i will not reply to what you have to say about this particular conversation.


Now if they would kindly send the update to the consoles we would all be happy.


Well, this is a bummer in an already stressful week.

I had a blast with the short time I got to have with Evolve. I’m not sure what else to say here, other than I hope you’re able to revisit the property someday. There’s a wealth of potential here and TRS is the only team I trust to deliver.


Agreed, but I would look forward to their next game still also, this team has proven that they can deliver a proper game, if outside forces didn’t ruin the experience.


Well, a third was outside forces, a third was the niche 1v4 type gameplay that in general doesn’t have a whole lot of success history to begin with, and a third was their own mistakes with things like the matchmaker and so on.

Honestly I would hope they learned from the mistakes that were on them for whatever game they tackle next; that is how you grow in anything- even game development.


Terry Pratchett on the writing team would have been very interesting.


Indeed… And hilarious


Wait so is this goodbye for Evolve or goodbye to Evolve Stage 2?