Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


Man, hard to hear, loved this game. Bought everything lol. I hope to see evolve stage 2 for consoles still, I will play the hell out of it, thanks for the great game guys. Best of luck!


please no :disappointed_relieved:


i bout the game because it is a great idea, it fun to play, and to the best of my ability no one has tried it before. i first bout it as a preorder it on ps4. and got it when it first cam out. with out owning a ps4. i then buy it on pc while still not owning a ps4, when hunt session two came out. got all the extra playable content found out there was my pc laking, so i broke down a bought a ps4, rebout all the content on the pc. then turn around and bout the digital download 6 mounts l8r on the ps4. i buy this game 3 time, all the content 3 times ive invested over $180. was dissapointed at the lack of players playing but i did not blame them bettween a small group still playing and all the player matching bugs. but i still trudged on often waiting 1-2 hours for a 5-10 minute match. with players randomly losing sink resulting in punishments. i one day had a 4 hour online punishment from being dropped by the game 5 times and thats not including the 4 other punishments leading up to them last one. and i still want more content, abetter balanced game and and despit all that i keep playing. but when i heard about stage 2 i though my prayers were answered. and from what little i got to play it on my old almost broken down pc, was all i dreamt it to be and more. i check regularly to read about patches updates and news on it coming being ready for console. this stage 2 is what evolve should have been its eazly the best game ive played scene mw2. killng this game would be the stupidest thing scene saga releasing and killing 3 consoles all in a 5 year stretch with many 50 games ever released between them all. this game is golden and thats comes from my 20+ years of playing. i have never put up with so much for so little. or even invested so much in to a game. and i can say with out a doubt if this game is not completed i will not be buying any 2k(3k) and or trs games. i understand your in the market of making money and over the years and this fact may not matter but also know i have also bout game those flop games that have been pout out buy 2k in all its other names and never once tried to get my money back. plz finish the game.


The cancelation of the TRS 2K contract was completly the choice of 2K. TRS didn’t have a say in whether or not they got to keep working on Evolve as 2K decided on halting development.
Alot of the TRS devs also seem to have wanted the chance to do more with evolve including bringing it to us console players.

No need to boycott turtle rock.



Sorry to see y’all leave. I’ll be keepin’ tabs, can’t let y’all go on alone, y’know?


void reread and think about the dynamic of how games are development produced marketing and then ultimately sales aka $$$. there are now fewer and fewer video game publishers Exp ea, 2k, thq and a quite few others the list that can afford to roll out and fund a game on this size and scale but also remember that the list is dwindling, and for bad reason mainly corporate America but i wont waste my time on that rant. The point im throwing out now very blatantly in this fallow up is at some point through no fault of there own but the fault of many the video game community as a hole my self very much included as to why the industry works. ultimately trs is owned by 2k and if not by 2k then by the next video game publisher that they have to have fund to release there next title. now Void i don’t know how long you have played your part in the industry nor does it matter but there was a time when a company like trs did not need a big company like 2k to back them but some how we have found are souls (studios like trs) sold to the $$$ and no new content ideas just push the game out and we will fix that big bugs if needed but we want you on the next project. which is what im ultimately truly boycotting. i don’t intent to fund the current video game industry, im not blaming trs 2k or any other company nor am i suggestion to anyone that they should boycott them, but i have been burn over the years on games that should have never been relisted. but i supported the games may time through just buying, which started back when companys stopped releasing demos to force sells on games shitty games, then looked to other ways to bleed the market like lack of mod support or player made content forcing sale on their exclusive content. sorry i think im starting to rant now ill just sum it up here. what im trying to explane and sum up is as trs current bizz model is it feeds the giant, im tired of feeding the giant and getting poultry returns, evolve stage 2 was sizing up to be a game that did feed the giant maybe not to his liking but it also gave us something more then leftovers. that was both new and exciting, thats what i believe to be a video game model that should be supported. believe me when i say the almighty $ speaks loader then any one but also be careful how you let it speak. crap i rambling again… i give up


TRS is merely hired and contracted instead of in house development by publishers. Nobody has purchased TRS and 2K dosen’t own them and at this point is no longer in a contract with them.
TRS is now again no longer working with 2K since the contract had been terminated.

I do completely understand and to an extent agree with your frustration with the current state of the gaming industry though.


Why mention thq, they went bankrupt years ago.


I hadn’t hopped into Evolve in about 3 weeks. I’d dropped a ton of hours into it over a short period and burnt myself out. Coming back to see this message sucks. I can only imagine how much worse it was for those of you who poured your hearts into developing this game.

Since you brought Evolve back with Stage 2, you guys worked harder than I’ve ever seen any developer work to make something successful. Every single one of you should be immensely proud of what you managed to do in such a short time period. The fact that you did all that and still found the time to engage with the community every single day was mind-blowing. Now you can move forward with your heads held high in the knowledge that you did everything you could to make Evolve the success you always dreamed it could be. Unfortunately, the curse of using a publisher means that you don’t always get to dictate the future of your project and on this occasion 2K pulled the plug.
Although I feel that 2K made mistakes in the run up to Evolve’s launch we, as players, have to remember that without them we’d never had got the game to begin with…So they’re not all bad :wink: .

I’m sure some of you at TRS will now move onto other studios, and some of you will stay and get to work on the next big thing. Wherever you go, and whatever you end up doing, I wish each of you the very best for the future. You’ve got some amazing talent and I’m sure you’ll continue to work on some fantastic projects and find success.
This game may be finished, but you’ll continue to “evolve” as developers and help shape the industry that we all love.


i mention thq because even though the Original thq when out off business its trademarks and some of its franchise was bout out buy Nordic, who know calls it self “THQ Nordic.” an Austrian developer, in an effert to better establish its self in the video game industry. i keep thinking 2k bout the rights to evolve from thq liquidation, or maybe it was because of the liquidation they were were able to acquire them. i dont know one way or another nor i can find any information to back it up and i could be completely wrong. so dont quote me on it, but i do know i read something that made me think of that. Other thq properties were acquired by other developers. but anyways ultimately thq still live on.

Thats why.


To clear it up, when THQ went under, an auction was held where developers and publishers could bid for the ip’s owned by THQ.
Turtle Rock Studios attempted to bid for Evolve in order to regain the Evolve ip and offered about 200-300k for it. 2K swooped in and proceeded to bid 11 million$ for Evolve and subsequently aquired the ip.

TRS happened to come packaged with this bid since there was a contract between TRS and THQ for developing the game which was than inherited by 2K.

We all know what happens after.


ok thank you void i could not find that on Wikipedia nor did i remember were or what i read as definitely as that.
and thanks again

(deep breath is slow release with a si at the end) void i think my statement is either miss read, miss understood, or just being skimmed over but either way being taken probably to literally on top of it. so to clarify: someone or something in this matter does not need to have ownership to be owned by it. trs was “owned” buy 2k not because 2k possessed a share of ownership in the company. but because 2k owned a steak or on investment the company in the form of the “contractual agreement” for the game evolve. this also means that trs was still owned buy 2k buy the meaning that trs had to play buy 2k rules for the life of the event(in this case the contract). so trs was ultimately owned by 2k. and trs will be owned the same way boy the next video game publisher… well lets generalize it to be there the next contract.

TRS is merely hired and contracted instead of in house development by publishers. Nobody has purchased TRS and 2K dosen’t own them and at this point is no longer in a contract with them.
TRS is now again no longer working with 2K since the contract had been terminated.
now to add i did not say 2k had ownership to trs. i did say they ultimately trs is owned by 2k and if not by 2k. owned meaning they had to play by there rules or buy the next company that they contract with.
now contract do bring in there own definition of ownership by way of legality mambo jumbo

now they did own them by the evolve contract, the contract is over so trs is no longer owned or being owned by 2k.

im sorry if that was to vague of a definition. i do realize that even tho we all speak English, i know my English is difference then someone from Chicago or Detroit, New York or across the pond as the British would put it. and ultimately i know im not using the most common definitions of the term: owned.


Being hired and contracted out to an employee or entity is not the same as being owned by them.

Also not to be rude but your posts are very hard to read. I am going to assume that English is not your native language and I’m not faulting you in anyway, but would just ask that you take a bit to edit your posts before setting them free so we can better converse with each other.


I havent played Evolve for a while, but when i did play i loved it.

Not here to rant and rave, just wanted to say, i check back in on the forums every so often to look for updates on console stage 2.

Clearly that is not a priority for 2K, despite selling me their game at full price. IDGAF about their “business model” i paid for a game, a game i enjoy, and the fact there is a more “successful” version out there that i am not given access to, i find incredulous.

There should have been no stage 2 considered, without it being for all platforms. Its just terrible business. To that end, TRS please dont make any more games for 2K, as i wont be buying them.

Had enough of Xcom anyway…


I’ve been too busy with work to comment on this, but I just wanted to drop by and say that I still think Evolve is one of the best games ever made. Matt said on the final stream that Evolve was art and I completely agree. Stage 2 had some aspects I disliked so I haven’t played since that conversion but I am certain I will never forget the good times I had in this game.

TRS appears to me to be one of the most talented (if not the most talented?) game studios in existence. I’ve been where you guys are now with projects, but never with something I loved like I would have loved being a part of Evolve. I probably can’t imagine how hard this is for you. I wish you the very best on your next endeavor. No matter what comes next for you I’m sure the soul of your studio will continue to shine brightly through your work.


well now that the tears are shed, just a quick question? even if they get 5k people to sign, we all know that’s not gonna make 2k renew the contract, at most its gonna be on consoles.

So on this, i just want us to remind ourselves of our great times we had with it, and don’t think too much of the bad, cherish this memory, as well as a memory can, and move on. Towards a better future i hope.

Anyways TRS’s got the ideas, but u gotta keep the players next time.


no affiance taken. English is my native language. I’ve never felt the need to learn a second language. i do agree being hired and owned are entirely difference things. but disagree about contracted to perform a task and being owned as different, but i already ranted and rave on that topic long enof and do not wish to rehash it or debate it. i will take your advice to editing my post as i have been know to make spelling errors and mistake similarly spelled words. but i will not make it a easier read, as i do choose my wording and grammar carefully. although do i understand, my best friends would descried it as abstract garbage, and your point is lost in your abstract though process. or shut up i don’t need another headache. i will simply tell you what i always tell then. “if you open your mind to the bigger picture and don’t harp on the chosen word. the point and all my meaning easily become clear, but it wont save you from the headache, probably only make it worse.”

so thank you for you input cptboomboom


That little message at the end was kinda poetic :slight_smile:


I’m a little bothered by this too but can’t say i didn’t see this coming. They really screwed over their initial customers by making it a free to play game. The second strike were all the bugs and the third was ignoring console players. Foolish moves that killed a great game it surely is a pity.


The devs where about to be given the greenlight for console when 2K pulled the plug. Its something i find strange considering TRS had been meeting all of the milestones 2K was setting.