Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


As long as servers are open, it’s never too late. :heart:


Are tournaments still happening?


There’s one this weekend.


Congrats @Hillbilly_Deathlord


The community is still hella strong. Don’t give up yet amigo!


23k views! cumon there has to be something we can do! i genuinley have never been this sad in my entire life


I want to keep playing. If people are having fun then hopefully they keep playing and we can get tournaments going. No other game is as good as Evolve.


Thank you so much Secret Man!! :open_mouth:
So cool!! :smiley:

What a cool song too! The whole thing gave me chills!

@SlabOMeat @MacMan


I made this in response to this message.


well… it was fun. interested what 2k is doing now.

thanks for some nice hours :slight_smile:


To all you people saying goodbye, its not over yet! Like and retweet to get this out! And spread the word of the Petition!


Is it possible that the servers might never close…i just got the game and now I hear this news from GrizzleMarine. Welp at least TRS can say that they got some one who never played to create a ton of concept work.

Would it be possible for TRS to release concept work on stuff they were working on up till now? It would be cool to what could have been, also a reel of showing Evolve from concept idea to now and all that work in between would also a nice way to say good bye besides the Twitch stream


It’s entirely possible. Their older 2K titles still see online functionality (talking about Borderlands 1, Top Spin 3 and 4, …)

They might reduce the amount of servers active though, so it could be possible that for those who already had issues connecting to a server before, just might not be able to do so at all.


I picked up this game day 1. Got it for xbox, and eventually for PC as well. Had aaaalllll the characters/monsters. What a wild ride it was. I’ll tell you guys at TRS this, at 29 years old, I don’t have nearly as much time for gaming as I did when I was a kid, or even in college. This game was one of the very few I played often and kept coming back to. It’s a shame that great devs like this arn’t given the proper chance to flourish. Sure the game may have been rocky at the start with it’s bugs and balance issues (looking at you Wraith), but just when TRS was getting this game locked down solid they get the plug pulled. Things like this are part of the reason our industry is so bogged down with run-of-the-mill cookie cutter games. Anyways, I’ll keep playing this game because I love it. I only hope 2K at LEAST lets Stage 2 make it to console. I have a whole crew of friends who would jump on the game if it came to console.

Thanks for the great memories TRS : D Keep on doing what you’re doing.


Actually they released that info when evolve first came out. It sold something like 10million copies I think across all consoles.


Wow, that’s a big surprise ! I preordered the game, because it felt like some new experience in cooperative gameplay and it really gave amazing feelings and immersion. You guys really did a great job, and improved it with Stage 2 in my opinion.
It is so sad to end this great game so soon. 2K Games totally screwed up on marketing, prizes, and now they let you down. Crowfunding has been very useful to to some of the best video games projects during past years, and could maybe save the Evolve universe.
Anyway, thank you for the great and fun experience you created, with teamplay, strange animals to protect from, and everything that made it a good game


I know this might sound ridiculous, but can we make a deal with 2K or make crowd funding or whatever?

I want to do everything I can do to save my THE BEST game in my life.


2K originally bought Evolve for $11M at auction. I highly doubt a crowdfund would work.


I still remember the first time i saw video game play of evolve. The kraken and Goliath. I seen it was from turtle rock and fixed my mind on getting the game, at that time l4d was all i played

I bought my xbox one just for evolve for my birthday and it was the only game i played for months. New games came out but i always came back to Evolve.

Evolve was my life for many months. It was a game that gave a rush like no other game.Really intense matches everyday. Made alot of memories and new friends from playing Evolve. Thanks for the game TRS.


I hope that they will find someone who will sponsor the TRS and they will continue this dream EVOLVE