Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


I wonder how many copies were sold of Evolve on PS4 and X1? Did it sell over a million copies? =)


Perhaps such information is a big secret.


Yeah. 2k purchased the Evolve IP years ago. TRS develops it with cool stuff like characters, maps, and mechanics. 2k controls marketing, pricing, servers, and distribution, as well as TRS’S contract to continue development.


I think the best we have to go on is sales reports, and according to them I think PC just about got over a million copies, with the consoles outselling PC 3:1. That’s old memories though and I may be wrong after all this time.


This is about right as I remember. PC has anyways been the smaller audience, at least until stage 2.


Evolve is my 2nd favorite game of all time and the most frequently played for me now I hate you see you go. TRS I wish the best for your future… Still breaks my heart and typing this is making me tear up. Seeing you go is like a loss of a great friend I had known for years. I wish there was a way to make it up to you and all you have done. I guess this is goodbye for now but I hope its not goodbye forever. Good luck in whatever you guys do next but remember this: You made an awesome game, no 2 awesome games all by yourselves as a small crew that did fantastic and both spawned a 2nd (isn’t that funny?) And made tons of people happy. Thanks again for everything you have done.


So four million copies sold then. Sounds like quite a lot! I guess Evolve managed to break even and give a nice profit too? But it depends on the cost of developing and marketing ot too i guess. If 50 people work on a game for 2-3 years, the COSTs start to add up i guess. Plus not all the Revenues go to the Publishers. Some Money goes to the retailers and some Money is spent on distribution and making discs and manuals.


since my twitter is messing up…

I just wanted to say, Evolve is hands down… my favorite game of all time. I have never committed this much time to any game.


I almost missed this because it was too far down my notifications list.

I could never hate you. :slight_smile:


I love this game so damn much.
Almost 4,000 hours and I still find myself having just as much fun as those halcyon days of the alpha where no one knew what the hell they were doing and everyone was learning so much and having a ton of fun.

This game deserved so much more. It broke away from all the clones that release the same damn game each year and brought something innovative, fresh and with so much depth. It does take some time to break through the initial learning curve but you then get some of the best experiences in a game you will ever get.

I have never had so much fun, so much salt, so much frustration, so much elation, so much banter and laughter as I have in Evolve. I played so much I got pretty damn good and could start thinking about playing competitively. I remember playing on Black Aegis’ stream where the community could play some games. I absolutely destroyed Aegis and the other random people he was with. Then he got a few pros in and I still won. Then he was all “Ok, Insane, get the team on” and I was up vs Insane’s team. I think I got to S3 with most of my health (shocker right?) and then had to fight cabot torvald…my health was decimated and I left with a measly strike. Unsurprisingly I didn’t win but what an introduction to fighting a pro team :smiley:

I definitely wanted to play in my own team and started off with Natural Selection which had @aimybot and kingbowie. Next I think was SiTH Evolve after I replied to war spirit asking in a stream for any decent monster players. I annihilated them in some games and was on the team! They moved on after the Evolve Majors tournament so I found myself in JSMS and then when that ended I had been playing some games here and there with that grizzlemarine nub and somehow a team formed. We didn’t really have a team name at first but while signing us up for a battlefy tournament and trying to use the name Horse Zero and then getting pissed because that website isn’t the best so I had to start over, had no time to think and just thought “fuck it…Horse Toast, DONE”

The legend was born :wink:

It was weird that I had such a desire to create a youtube channel to share gameplay but this game was like crack in that respect. I just wanted to put up my games. Not because I thought I was the best or anything as vain as that. Just because… :slight_smile:
It’s so cool when someone leaves a comment that their monster skills (it’s goliath let’s be real guys) have improved due to my videos. I’ve also spoken at length to a few people and helped them where I can with Goliath.

This game should be among the stars, it should have huge tournaments, sponsors vying for the top teams, youtube channels battling it out for the views. It should have other companies thinking “We need to stop with this cookie cutter shit and make something unique”, hundreds of twitch streams with thousands of viewers… it really should.

I want to thank the devs @GentlemanSquirl @macman @Chloe @mizx @Insane_521 @shaners @LadieAuPair (and many more) for being a great bunch. I hear a lot that other devs are nowhere near as open and involved with the community and while I can’t compare that as I’ve never been involved with a game like this before I do appreciate it hugely.

So where now? Well I still love the game and want to play vs strong teams so I’m not going anywhere. It really is up to us the players whether there are people playing or tournaments taking place. I see no reason to stop if people still have fun. If you harbor desires to win some big money then that’s unlikely to happen with Evolve but if you still enjoy the game then keep playing :slight_smile:


don’t die, Evolve… I command you…


One of those guys being me~


And me! I still use a lot of what Dean taught me!


I will miss all of you, you’ve done so much and…I need to make a proper memoire. All I ask now of 2K is please let us know what turtle rock had planned for this amazing piece of gaming history that shall now go unfinished.


Only got 1,000 hours into it myself, but naturally being 4 times as awesome as the average englishman that’ll even out I guess.
Enjoyed every game we had Dean. Like the beauty of seal clubbing without the unpleasant cold in the comfort of a warm chair and cozy gamepants.

Just randomly heard about Evolve support being shut down from a colleague at work today :worried:
Sadly didn’t have the time to play much after the TGL last year, but I loved every single minute of the 1,000+ hours I put into it and it’s straight up my favorite game in the last 10 years. I didn’t think I’d ever get hooked that much on another gaming experience since Planetside a good 13 years ago.

Thank you for believing in the vision and fighting for it so we were all able to experience it. Thank you for not trying but succeeding in creating something different, something that get’s the blood pumping from the very first to the 60,000th minute.

Thank you for Evolve TRS :heart:


Hi… I’m korean, And my Evolve playtime is highest in my country…
I also played Evolve since BIg Alpha. and It was fantastic game for me.
I still playing. And so sad about this news…

When I first time to saw this news 2 days ago, I decided to make Farewell Music Video for Evolve.

And I made TRS forum account just now… because I want to say Really really thx for Great game, and want to dedicate my Farewell Music Video to TRS Team and All Evolve Fans…
I just finished to make it now.

Thx again… Hope you make another great game in the future.

This video for you. TRS Team.




God DAMN ninjas cutting onions.


I could easily spend this post berating 2K for their moronic decision-making and their complete disregard for this community. What good would it do, though? They won’t see it; and even if they did, they would learn nothing. No, this post will be spent offering not anger, but thanks. Thank you, TRS, for putting your heart and soul into this game. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our concerns, and to adjust the game based on us. And, most, of all, thank you for treating us and interacting with us the way you have. If every developer and publisher were even a little more like you, the game industry would be all the better for it.


Now that I want to become a pro at the game, I will definitely start watching your videos a lot more so I can improve my Meaty.

It’s probably too late though. :frowning: :crying_cat_face: