Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


damn right…


Sorry for my eng language is not so good. So beware for grammar mistakes.

I’m a founder since March 2015, and i reached >1000 hours just few days ago.

I want to say something. .

You guys did a great job with this game. This game is probably the most unique game of the history of videogames industries, i’m not joking.


Unfortunately, the support at this game wasn’t so great. Slow development, slow fixing, bad decisions…etc etc…we all know this.

I blamed you TRS many times for that. 2K terminated the contract, but i have to say that, since i’m not an hypocryte…you have your part of guilty.

For example you lied about micro-patches last year…that have been never implemented…, and you took too much time for balancing things and / or took wrong decisions.

Anyway, now your adventure is over, and i’m sad because i know…there is NOTHING OUT THERE SIMILAR TO EVOLVE.

Evolve brought me back for the second time in my life, to play hardly a multiplayer game. (First was Wolfenstein Enemy Territory back in 2005). Then 2015 with Evolve.

Yesterday i was ready to raise my white flag and i uninstalled the game. My frustration was over 9000 thousand…

But today i elaborated the hit at my stomach…i’m DOWNLOADING AGAIN THE GAME, and keep playing…probably not as much as before…but i want to stay there, when server will be shut down or …


when 2K will renew a contract ton another dev team.

So, what can i say more ? Glad to have 1000 hours at this game. And more. Now will be different…but i still hope for some miracle.


I heard the news the TRS and no longer working on Evolve and felt wholly compelled to write to you, despite not being active on the forums for a long time. I really just wanted to say thank you for the many hours of fun I’ve had fighting monsters on Shear. I was there from the start, at the first reveal, to the agonizing wait of revealing the 3rd tier Hunters, the alphas and the final release. I’d never interacted which such a great group of developers who were so passionate about their games and the community they helped grow. I mean damn, I messaged the co-founder @SlabOMeat out of desperation for an alpha key and he delivered!! He took time out of his busy day to help a fan, and I know I wasn’t the only one. And the guys were so humble and gracious for feedback they received. @MacMan and the team – You all rock!

I stopped using the forums once the game came out because all I wanted to do is play. And I played. 1300 hours on steam prior to Stage2. I played good ol’ Hanky Boy in terms of Hours more than anyone in the world prior to wiping of stats. I played competitive and sat in Gold Skilled with a great group of players fighting the best monsters this community could throw at us. And we kicked ass. It was some the best moments of gaming in my life. Nothing could compare to the battle-dance that was Evolve at high levels. The exhilaration of seeing a great beast fall, seemingly against all odd (yes I was a hunter player through and through!). I still miss those moments that sadly I’ll never get to experience again.

I didn’t agree with the direction of Stage 2 and stopped playing, but I understood the need to change things in an attempt to draw more players in. I’m sorry it didn’t work out as hoped - for the powers that be, at least. Some things aren’t meant to have mass-appeal, but that doesn’t make them an inferior experience. Evolve was a niche game for a particular player-base, and there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that but unfortunately it’s money that talks, not blissful moments. But impermanence is the nature of this reality, and all things must end eventually. With endings come new beginnings; the cycle begins anew. I truly can’t wait to see what TRS has in store for us next; I know I’ll be there the day after your new IP is revealed and spread the good word wherever I can.

Thank you TRS for some many happy memories, may there be many more to come! Peace!

A lifelong fan,


Thanks TRS for this truly unique Game. I certainly enjoyed my time on Shear, and I’ll follow whatever comes next from you guys!


I am really really sorry for you. 2k literally fucked up your reputation with their marketing and dlc policy and now drop the game like a hot potato.
I saw how you love the game and how much work you put into this. You are gamers like us!
But if your next game is published by 2k I will not buy it. They are too greedy people and I hate that.
I hope you can make a new project that you are as dedicated for as Evolve.


CptBoomBoom actually hates me tho :slight_smile:


They are unable to create game balance. So the game is disappointing. Neither in stage 1 nor in Stage 2. They so loved monsters in the game and there are only monsters-players - 1/4 online. The hunters left the game( 3\4 online) Maybe other people can make balance, I hope


I wish you all good fortune in your journey toward a positive future.The concept was great with this ulimate hide and seek but I feel 2K screwed you over with charging for everything and destroyed your gaming rep, but I still look forward to your next game, I’ll be in line waiting on it.

And I know I sound like a dick, but any chance of unlocking everything before the shutdown…please? :monster:


This doesn’t come as a surprise,I always thought the console would never get this S2 launch ever since we were lied to about the revelation of S2,it is a shame TRS can’t continue with Evolve as it was my no.1 game on the PS4 for most of last year and i had a real blast playing it.

I hope TRS makes an Evolve 2 in say 2-3 years time from now and they learn from their mistakes and make it even better because this first one always felt like a beta and didn’t feel flushed out enough as every patch created more and more bugs and the game lacked a bit compared to S2,that’s how it should of shipped as.

Anyway thanks TRS for your effort all the best going forward!


I am disgusted with myself. Last night, I took Star Wars battlefront from my Xbox, put it away. I took Evolve’s case out, opened the case, and stared at the disc for 5 minutes with the intent to play it. I put it away and cried while I played Overwatch. I will play Evolve, but it is too soon for it.


2K can still port Stage 2 to consoles. According to them, the game is finished.


you clearly have other meaning to “complete” there in TRS/2k than in the dictionary


Yeah I’m waiting for 2K to take on TRS promise for bringing it to consoles. Also if they shutdown the servers, will I not have access to Bob or my DLC monster?


I’m more concerned about my skins in that case. :frowning:


If it is the case, they essentially would be stealing from us since we paid for access to that content and cosmetics. But if we still get to keep our stuff when it shutsdown, then we are fine.


With all the news and crazyness lately, I’ve started up a petition. Check out the topic here!


Ohh boy. This may be long, but I want to get it off my chest. Many thanks if you do actually read through the whole thing.

(Click here for a long, ramble-y wall of text)

I remember first seeing that E3 trailer of Evolve 2 years ago. I was instantly enthralled; I loved the music, the visuals and of course the game. I’m a big fan of asymmetric games, and so the very idea of a 4v1 monster hunter games already had me interested. From that point onward I always an eye on the game. seeing how it was doing and watching new gameplay when it surfaced.

Fast forward to January 2015 when the Xbox beta dropped. Having only recently got my new Xbone so didn’t have many games. I saw ‘Evolve beta’ appear one day and thought to myself ‘yes please’. And I thought it was pretty fun. Running around as Kraken, eating wildlife and frying hunters. I managed to get an almost flawless win-streak (had to answer to door once though. But despite this, I still shared the opinion of many that the game got boring quickly. Like Titanfall, a dozen matches later I was already kinda tired of the game.

But that didn’t change the fact I did have a good time. I ended up watching a lot of stuff to do with the game, such as Drift0r and then later Somewhat Awesome Games. Come around Easter of that year (it was just after tier 4 dropped) I saw the price of the game drop, and decided to pick it up. I didn’t expect to play it much, but I did have a good time and part of me wanted to support this unique 4v1 multiplayer game.

Unique. That’s what I always thought of the game. I’d never played anything like it, and to this day that statement rings true. And like I had expected, I played the game for a couple of weeks and had a blast. Trapper and Monster were my favourites, with Support following suite. I put the game back on the shelf.

…and a week later picked it up again. Whenever I stopped playing the game I developed an urge to go back to it. This only got stronger each cycle. Play, stop, repast. Evolve didn’t just scratch a particular itch, it made me realise I even had such an itch. I’m the sort of person who usually has a few mainstay games that I normally play, and then others that I play occasionally, or beat once and never touch again. As time went on, Evolve was slowly pushing its way into my core rotation of games.

My interactions with game slowly became more developed as well. I began to actually use my mic to talk to randoms, a first for me. I looked up the Evolve Forums to try and find new strategies, a first for me. I started adding good, friendly players I met onto my friends list, a first for me.

I think I really got involved with this amazing game and community around the summer of TU05. I made a forum account (had been lurking up until then) and met a couple of great people on Xbox. They introduced me to the ‘Xbox One Evolve Community’ Facebook page and I started to get to know the thriving Xbox community. PiriePiriePie, A Meat Shield, Dot Com, WelshDragon, you all know who you are. They were finishing off the Xtreme Hunt tourneys (had a custom ruleset which was very fun to play). As time went on I got to know these people better, and had countless nights of fun playing customs with them.

TU09 finally dropped, and with a heavy heart we realised it was going to be a PC only thing. I am grateful to have had a computer that could run Stage 2. I remember how bloody excited I was that day. I was humming the tune from Grizzle’s ‘Farewell to legacy’ video all day long. Due to bad internet it took a whole day to actually download Stage 2 but when it finally did…

It was fucking amazing.

So many of the things that had bugged me about legacy, the flee-till-3 monsters, awkward dropship timer, the maps, even little touches like the new jetpacks and the damage numbers, everything had been improved with TU09. This was honestly the best version of Evolve I had ever played, and I am so glad that TRS was able to convince 2K to give them that 2nd chance. You continually blew me away, with new variants and gameplay tweaks. You made Wraith a force to be reckoned with after months of uselessness. I could go on for days but I hope you get the idea. Even the playerbase skyrocketed, Evolve once again being relevant in gaming culture.

But not everything can last. And that logic brings us here, today, to say farewell to the team that crafted this jewel with sweat, hard work and passion.

There’s something else about this community that I don’t quite know how to put it into words, but a close guess would be ‘hope’. Hope for a better future. No matter what was happening, the Evolve community was always looking to the future. The most obvious example would be the long winter that was TU09. We all put up the problems of legacy with baited breath, because salvation was just over the horizon. But it applies to so much else as well. There was always another balance patch coming. There was always another character or variant coming. There was always another skin coming. And now that’s gone.

And consoles will never know the thrills of Stage 2. I will never get to play this new version with my old gang back on Xbox. And the new matchmaking / pick system will never be finished. And all those beautiful character ideas will never see the light of day.

All this honesty brings a tear to my eye.

But you know what? You guys went out with a bang. These last few months of Stage 2 had been some of the best gaming moments I have ever had. You had a second chance and you nailed it. I’ve played with epic people, participated in a tourney, and had a whale of a time overall. You know what they say, ‘better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all’. And given the chance, I’d sign up all over again.

Thank you TRS for making my favourite game. Thanks for supporting this amazing community. Now go forth and produce more amazing games. As @SirKeksalot said with his Bionicle analogy, I’m sure we’ll keep this game going for as long as possible.

Happy Hunting,



Too bad you are not allowed to keep updating Evolve. But how would you feel about bringing Evolve to a new games console, like the Nintendo Switch? I mean, porting a finished game to Nintendo Switch seems like a good business decision. Porting “Stage 2” to X1 or PS4 might not be a good idea, because Evolve is available on them so people might not buy. But Switch might be a good console to release a cool action game on. I don´t know how much time and effort it takes to bring Evolve to Switch though. Perhaps more than you would Think. But i just assume porting a game requires a lot less work than making a new one.

Plus, there might not be so much competition on Switch. Nintendo usually misses out on action games with violent content. So the field/market might be more open there. You would perhaps have to compete with Splatoon though. My guess is they will release Splatoon or Splatoon 2 for Switch at some Point.


That’s 100% up to 2k as the publisher. TRS doesn’t have the power to make such a decision. I’d love to see Evolve on a Nintendo console though.


lol wut rly