Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community




I’ve been playing this game since release day on PS4 and then since the beginning of Stage 2 on PC.

This has been the most unique gaming experience I’ve ever had in gaming. The atmosphere, the character designs (especially the monsters), and the gameplay were (is) amazing.

No other game I’ve played has ever quite caught the magical experience of a good round of Evolve. I am genuinely sad to see 2K fail to renew your contract. I’m sure you were looking forward to bringing a lot of new content and great ideas just as much as we were excited to see them. Thank you for all your hard work.


If 2K at any point says outright that we are never getting the rest of the maps and adaptations we were supposed to see get made, I will do everything in my power to make them update evolve.
(I swear to god if they don’t…)


Now I understand…
Why is call Turtle Rock studios…
They are like Turtles, that travel hundreds of miles, put strenght and pasion into the oddesy.
to leave the eggs of a game, and when the time comes. they have to leave the eggs and go back to the sea.
And from now on, is the responsability of the publisher to see if he make the eggs grow into bigger turtless… or make an omelet.


Dude, I did the same thing.
Though… My ticket I sent was a bit more… Semi-threatening in undertones and generally kind of a mix between demanding and begging.


Thank you Turtle Rock. I love this game and i’m sure it breaks your heart to end production. I can’t wait to see what future games you all have planned.


I hope 2K is seeing these posts and seeing how many people beleive in this game and the community that was spawned from it like tiny gorgons. Im with you TRS and Evolve to whatever end we may meet.


Goodbye Evolve it has truly been a great experience and an honor. We, the community will leave it a legacy forever. I wish the best of luck to Turtle Rock on whatever is next, I cant wait. We will love you forever In our minds and heart. Evolve 2/10/2015-10/25/2016 #Neverforgetevolve


Well I’d just like to say thank you all for your hard work and effort! Your passion really showed and you should all be proud of what you created. At the end of the day it’s still a business and business decisions have to be made, but never forget that you made something that nobody had done before and there’s a ton of people out there in the world that loved it. I’m excited to see what you will come up with next. Best of luck to you all!


I still remember the anniversary day…
Don’t worry Bob
You’ll get a cake one day


I haven’t been as active on the forum much lately due to being wrapped up with personal things/work/school and the sorts. I would periodically poke back in to see the slew of updates that were coming through for PC and stayed incredibly excited for the possibility of things to come since I’ve been playing since launch day last year on console.

I log back in today to see this post, I’m pretty damn disheartened to say the least. I may not have been playing Evolve as much lately, but goddamn if it wasn’t heavily talked about in passing with coworkers and friends that actively played it even with player numbers were in some pretty low points. The team at TRS stayed on top of things and were still actively making an effort to revive this game by any putting in extra time for all this free content and patchwork. Things weren’t perfect, but Turtle Rock Studios still made one hell of an effort in creating something refreshing.

To @MacMan and all the members involved in this (I don’t know all the usernames, so hopefully this reaches you guys) :

Thank you for creating Evolve. Thank you for putting the effort into an extremely risky endeavor despite the flak from press. Thank you for something that was truly original and created some of the most intense gameplay I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in my 20+ years of playing games. Thank you for making strides to iron out bugs, the nuisances of programming/coding, and dealing with the unending headache of balancing for the sake of listening to your players. Thank you for the wildly original and fun cast of characters/monsters that made this hunt so much damn fun learning and painstakingly rewarding in mastering (Especially Griffin, landing that harpoon gun on fleeing monsters is still so gratifying). Thank you for putting in extra time in connecting with your player base and reaching out with the help of some great users on the forum.

I know this isn’t the end of the road for you all since you guys have incredible talent that has plenty of room to grow upon. I wish everyone the best of luck for future projects and developments. I look forward to the next big title you all are working on, so please keep us posted.

Thanks for everything, really. You all have my unwavering support.

-Jay N.


I’ve come to a conclusion.
In any project I work on I’ll have a reference to Evolve for the impact it’s made in my life.
Whether it’s an Easter egg, achievement, a nod in the dialogue, or just something.
At least one thing Evolve related.


Good luck on the next project yall, I hope you knock it out of the park. I’ll keep playing it til the servers shut down for good :+1:


So I know I left the forums a while ago but my friend told me about this. I feel like I needed to come back and say thank you TRS.

This game has always been one of my favorite games, and it still is to this day. Me and my friend still play sometimes if we can find others to play with. It’s unfortunate the population for this game never increased, and theres still issues on console that will likely never get fixed, but we will likely be playing this until we can’t find 3 others to play with.

Thank you doesn’t justify how much fun I’ve had on this game. TRS this is an amazing game, and you guys should be proud of what you accomplished over the last 5 years. Good luck to each and everyone of you, and again thank you for an amazing game!!


I find the response on these forums -amazing- right now.

I have seen so, SO many games ultimately never take off- And when the news is announced, the community explodes- trashing the developer. “WE TOLD YOU” “YOU SHOULDVE DONE THIS” “YOU DIDNT LISTEN” “BUNCH OF IDIOTS”

Nonsense like this.

But these forums? Holy hell. Every other thread is a “what can we do” “What if we…” “Maybe we could” “What are our options”. And basically all of them are filled with almost nothing but praise and admiration for our devs along the way.


I wish I had joined the forums quicker than what I did. I only came here to report a bug, expecting it to be dead like most other game specific forums.

I was shocked at the level of activity here! I have to agree with you. This is my internet home and I consider many of you to be my friends.


Well, that’s to be expected after all. But hey- all good things come to an end…It was a really wild ride. I’d like to congratulate every single person who ever worked on or supported this game because it became an amazing, amazing thing that honestly proved to me that it’s never “just a video game.”

Thanks for the good times. See you starside. <3


Sad news. Evolve will always hold this special place in my heart too. Thanks for the ride, Turtle Rock. :cry:


I was hoping to wake up today that all of this is just some lucid day long dream. :frowning:
Its real as it turns out.


Draining, isn’t it? :confused: