Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community


Oh, so you are saying that you guys personally aren’t dealing with it. But rather handing it off?


I figured as much, but I imagine they will do something like that anyways.
Still, we will need to know when everything is going offline. We have a right to that much information at least, so we can get our last games in.

Thank you for your response.


Do u think u will go back to developing it in the future?


and there goes my feels


No, @BreezyStarfish17, don’t even like that comment. I’m seriously pissed.


It’s boggling my mind as to why, though! I mean, with all the updates and everything, even the big update today, and now it’s just being shut down!?


2K ended our contract.

We wanted to continue working on the project.

Petition for Evolve

I was liking it to show I’m mad as well, sorry.


I know those feels very well.


Good luck to you all and thank you for all the hard work. I love this game and wont be leaving it anytime soon. Thanks for all the fun, and wish you all the best in your next adventure.


Welp now what… I’ve been waiting patiently for this game to come out on console!


You guys have had more of an impact on my life than you know. You got my then girlfriend to start playing video games with me. I used Left 4 Dead to propose to her (she said yes, btw) and now I play Evolve with my little girl.

I see only great things on your horizon. You keep topping yourself and I can’t wait to see you do it again.

I wish your entire crew the best, because they are the best.

Much love. :heart: :turtle: :monster:


God… i can’t believe this…


Do u think there’s a chance u will go back to working on it in the future?


Thank you Mountain!

There is much to come from TRS.

Our hearts are heavy for the loss of one of our “babies.”

It happened with L4D, and now Evolve.


I am not surprised. You can’t maintain a game of this budget size, with only 1100 player daily average (With only people in the states even having the option to make purchases even)

I can’t even imagine how little the income would be compared to how much it cost to keep all the staff on the project and keep up development and server costs.


So 2k did this…

That’s straight fucked up.


Is it not coming to console?



2k knows that answer.

As always, we’ve never known. </3