Our duty as monster players


This weekend, these puny hunter players are going to try to kill 35,000 of us, bringing that hotshot Griffin every time. All in the name of skins and St. Patrick’s Day.
It is our duty as monsters to make sure these skins never see the light of day. We need to rally together, stronger than ever and crush their dreams of new skins and show them Shear belongs to the monsters!


Lookin forward to a good fight against you monster players c:


Today we hunt brothers and sisters, for food, for eggs, FOR GLORY!


Seriously though as a monster player I still want those skins for my hunters :smile:


I main as Support and Trapper, but I already love this thread lol


Clear sign that monster is OP if hunters don’t get the skin

Clear sign that Griffin is OP if hunters get the skin


Laws of Evolve, “did it win? If yes, OP af”


Im gonna be running griffin all weekend causing all kinds of havoc for the monsters haha.


Have fun doing that from inside my belly :stuck_out_tongue:


they should totally give away shamrock monster skins for eating 50000 Griffins, I want a reason to stomp out the hunter skins.


But why Griffin through, he isn’t Irish. and his outfit isn’t anymore Green than the other 2 Trappers. =_=


There should be a monster alternative challenge. Eat 10,000 Griffin bodies and get dingo skins or something.


Because Griffin I majestic af, but seriously I think people underestimate Griffin and this is TRS’s way to get him more in eyes of players (All I see most of the time is Maggie/Abe rarely any Griffins).


Probably, plus Griffin seems he would be the most Irish of the 3 Trappers even though he isn’t.

I find it odd how little people seem to like using Griffin. I use him a lot; it’s easiest for me to dome a monster with him by quickly switching to the harpoon gun after the dome is thrown to keep it inside.


Griff is my go to Trapper. I find him to be extremely effective especially if the team is supporting properly. Nothing is better than watching a monster desperately try to get out from under an orbital barrage and have no idea why he can’t.


As Monster Players we earn nothing and lose nothing from this promotion. Just seems like more fun to further deny the hunters something. Feels amusing that the stakes are higher for a bunch of a stupid gun skins than, you know — the game’s actual story (or lack thereof).


The game developers never promoted Evolve as a story-driven game. They purposely kept the lore vague so players will speculate and there is no clear “bad guy” in the game.

It’s your own fault if you expected some great story like in The Last of Us. Sry :expressionless:

And I’m pretty sure you’d get the skin even if you only play the monster, they said “everybody” would get it if we completed the challenge. Although I guess you’d never use it if you only play monster lol I’m sure they’ll have a monster challenge next time though if they keep going back and forth between offering monster and hunter extras.


Who is this directed to? If you’re referring this to me you’re way off by assuming my expectation; especially when I was just trying to make a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s hard to figure out tone from text lol :smile:
Especially since SO many people are just bitching on the forums about how Evolve has absolutely no story.


@Quirkly He a friend of yours?