Our Ass is Always on Fire


hi guys, may i know why when a moster evolves to stage 3 start another timer where u have to destroy immediatly the rele’??? the counter is too short!! for an entire game where u get ganked and finally evolves to stage 3… u have to run to do what hunters dont do in an entire match.

Longer rele timer plz lets reward us to have the 3rd evolve plz


Rele? Are you referring to the relay? And which timer are you talking about?


pretty sure the timer you mean is always there, it just gets shown by stage 3 to let you know “hey this is how long you got to seal this deal”. Believe match timer is at 12 mins now?


Yeah, it’s just that when you get to Stage 3 you happen to be probably only 2-3 minutes away from the end game timer running out. The timer exists to stop monsters from playing with their food.


We just finish a game of 30 minutes (15 minutes at stage 3), it’s ok for the timer. Don’t forget you can lock it.


I’ve had 40 min game vs the old wraith. Love the new timer.

30 min 40 min games


The match timer pauses when in combat, use that to your advantage.


Eh, The timer is always there dude. Each match lasts 10 minutes.

The game isn’t the problem in this case, you are. Sorry.