Other robot tease?

When I was playing as Jack, while I was reviving Bucket, Jack said “Reviving the Robot, I mean the other robot”.
Possible tease towards a T5 being a robot? ^^
My money is totes on medic. :blush:


I’m pretty sure @Matthew has said the only robot is going to be Bucket.

I’m led to believe he could quite possibly mean Lennox’s robo suit :3
Or… Torvald for that matter, he’s very… I mean I know he’s cyborg but-
flails arms

Have you learned anything?


True, true, it’s just with Markov and Jack mentioning the next monster, and this meteor Goliath tease, I thought possibly a few more little hints were hidden in game ^^;

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You know what else Matthew have said?

For now it’s up in the air. We will have to see.


Oh~ I wasn’t aware of this sorry :sweat_smile:
I’m kinda a newbie to these forums. :blush:

It’s no problem. The stream was from month ago, it was never said by him on the forums afaik!

#Welcome to the forums btw!


It’s okay. He throws that little tidbit about pretty much every opportunity he gets. It’s not just you lol.

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The reason I think the new Medic is a robot, or at least part cyborg
Unless this guy has the thinnest arms ever. Like a decrepit old man lol


What if he’s like Torvald

Well also Matthew lies a lot so :smile:


Nice catch!

also, this may shed some light on the current robot status:

the link: Theories About T5 Medic


@Matthew says a lot of things, people interpret a lot of other things from those things.

Edit: Sometimes I wonder if we aren’t just figments of Matthew’s imagination.


Warning: This following idea is most likely wrong
oh well =p

So, here’s what we know about the T5 so far, they’re pretty smart and tech savvy, and Jack and Lennox are related; Lennox is rich and Jack pretends to be some kinda super hero.
Some stuff from the forum, some people have T5 medic looks like a super hero and some said he looks like a robot, also been talk of the whole tier being related.

So with that in mind a random idea came to me, mostly likely wrong but I felt like throwing it out there; Lennox loves tech and is rich, so if I was her I’d totally have some kind of android assistant, I mean, who wouldn’t want one? :blush:
And I can imagine Lennox applying quite a few upgrades to him, and of course if Jack was around, why wouldn’t him make the robot look like some cool space hero :laughing: and use him as a robot sidekick.

Yeah it’s unlikely this is a thing but hey-ho :blush:

Anyone else got new theories/ideas?


I have a feeling their faces will be covered.

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My interpretation on this was that I couldn’t believe if we made it to 20 hunters that we’d have one bug-type and one robot. That just seems… Illogical in a game about colonizing an alien planet. In the future.

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I posted this in the T5 medic ideas thread - but I want it to be Arthur Lennox’s brain infused into a robot/cyborg in the style of Krang from TMNT. It would fit the family theme of T5, Ida mentions she hopes he is ok, so this could be him put back together with scraps after being found severely injured. Bucket mentioned that he is some type of being in a robot chassy in a dropship conversation, so we know the tech exists.

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We already have one decrepit old man as medic ^^ Since folks came up with idea tier 5 is whole family it might be robot built by Jack. Frankly knowing TRS it might be anything.