Otaku Group ( Xbox One )


So I’ve quit the tournament side of Evolve, and decided to stick with casually playing the game. I do like to win though, so that competitive edge still stays within gameplay.

I do want to make a group though, consisting of otakus. It’ll be fun to have a few anime nerds like myself to speak with while slaying Monsters cx I’m a Assault myself ( Hyde ) and my girlfriend plays Support ( Cabot ), so if you play Medic or Trapper, message me on Xbox ( Kawaii Dumpling ) or comment your GT. :blush:


Sure just don’t refer to us as that word >.>

GT aggrodragon will be on later


you could add me…GT: stellartiger


I’m no anime nerd but if you still need a Medic, I’m more than happy to join a decent group. :slight_smile:
Gamertag: aTrampWhoCamps


ill play about anything, im not wat i call a otaku (not too sure wat that is) but i do watch anime from time to time.
GT- G man Red Mist


What’s wrong with otaku? Cx

I’d rather not be called a weeaboo. I’ll add you tonight.


Eh I just have a dislike with that word, as normally amongst the internets Using the word otaku will get you called a weaboo, or atleast where I come from but I love the animus and the mangos