Oscars 2018



Kong: Skull Island needs to win the award for best visual effects.


I have a feeling Blade Runner or War for the Apes will win. I refuse to type the full titles on a phone.


I don’t know what the exact category is, but Blade Runner and Dunkirk were so beautiful.Blade Runner had some of the most pretty and fantastic scenes i’ve ever seen.And Dunkirk plane-fights was too good.If i recall Nolan used some new stuff and that shit was amazing especially in cinema.


Yet another year where Andy Sirkis won’t get appreciated for his work with an oscar.


I’ve never even heard of “Shape of Water.”


I loved it. :heart: I think Guillermo del Toro is a fantastic director, plus, he appreciates videogames.


It’s one of my favorite recent movies. I absolutely loved it. It felt like a modern Beauty and the Beast. I had a topic open for it, but it seems like it got burried. Totally deserved all the Oscar nominations. I hope it wins some. Has some hard compitition though.

Edit: Give it a watch if you can Sledge, it’s worth it.


No Harvey Weinstein?


Oh boy…

Lets not go down this road…

I think it was because it had sub-par marketing, but it’s about a fish-creature that falls in love with a deaf woman working in a cold war(?) era laboratory when non-white women and people with disabilities were treated less than “normal” people. Thus having strong political ties.

They bond since they appreciate each other and she tries to help him escape. I only saw a plot overview video and it made me not want to watch it. I’m simply not a fan of these tropes that demonstrate the unfair past that certain demographics had. With politics being so polarized, I’m not a fan that it’s the deaf girl, black woman, fish-monster, and gay guy vs the straight white guy who has a family. It seems like they made the antagonist bad because he was a white male.

If it didn’t have strong polarization then I would have enjoyed it more, or at least not have been driven away from watching it.

There is a literal scene where the white-guy antagonist discredits the deaf/black woman from letting the fish monster escape on the basis that “they couldn’t have possibly pulled it off.”

However the rest of the movie is fine. If you want to/can overlook the strong political ties then you might have a shot at enjoying it.


I think War for the Planet of the Apes will win best visual effects.


It was my favorite movie of 2017. It was phenomenal.


I dunno… Don’t get me wrong, I think visually it’s amazing, but it was also visually amazing years ago with the first one. If the first and second one didn’t win I don’t think this one will :frowning:


I actually have it on disk. I really need to watch it. I really liked the first 2.


Third one is pretty solid. I had a different take on how it would end but it’s good. Wraps up a few plot threads that didn’t really need to be wrapped up. Solid overall though. The whole series was pretty good.


Think they’ll make any more?


No. I think it ends at the right spot. They could always make more, but it fulfills what it needs to.


I hated the colonel he was one bitch.


Normally I would agree with that whole political deal since it seems to be way too prevalent lately, but I think it kind of fits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for calling out something for trying to portray straight white people as terrible just to pander, but there were some things that ruled that out for me. First of all we had the scientist guy. He was a white Russian dude with nothing that made him special, and he was part of a major subplot. Second, the time period is one where people who weren’t considered “normal” were looked down upon. So it makes sense to me at least.


People have been complaining because Blade Runner 2049 didn’t get nominated for best picture.