Orphan Black


Last Orphan Black thread is closed and was made before Season 5 (and 4, I think), so Ta-da!

Orphan Black is one of my favourite shows ever. Tatiana Maslany is such an incredible actor. She’s so amazing. And the directing and music are all so on point. Everything about the show just pushes all the right buttons for me. The sole thing I don’t like is trying to tell people about the show, because the reveal of the “sisters” in episode 3(i think) is so much better if you didn’t know before hand, but if you don’t tell them what it is, you can’t really tell that what the shows about.

If anyone’s mid-way through watching it, be warned that there will probably be spoilers in this thread, but I will use the spoiler function for any spoiler I write. Can’t speak for everyone though. Also, don’t reveal spoilers unless you’ve seen S5.

One of the things I love the most is that it isn’t obscenely gorey, but when there is something graphic and gorey it’s to send a message.

Like when Aldous, MK, S and Ferdinand die its not particularly gorey. Just a little bit of blood (or not even in MK’s case), but it shows Helena cutting herself for pleasure to show traumatised and demented it is, and when Rachael gouges out her eye with a broken cocktail glass it shows her complete change of heart and her determination to be free of the Neos.


I’ve actually been meaning to get into this show. A couple of the actors have been guests several times on a favorite podcast of mine. It seems interesting. Not sure where I can watch it though.


It’s really good. It gets a little dark at times, but watching the story unfold in the way that it does is so captivating. And the development of certain characters can be described in no way other than beautiful.


*is still crying over MK*


Never really felt that invested in MK. Cool character, and Ferdinand is a twat but apart from that :confused:

I’ve never cried over a TV show or film, or game or whatever else. But in the second last episode with Helena in the ward in the abandoned wing in DYAD I came so fucking close, eyes glazing over and tears almost forming. And, of course, in the boiler room too.

Hope you know what parts I’m getting at, considering I’m carefully dancing around my words to avoid spoilers.


Oh, I know the scene and I definitely cried lol This show knew how to pull on my heartstrings which is not something shows and movies do often.

Also, when she revealed the names of her boys I audibly "awww"ed and I loved the ending when Helena began to read her book because it wrapped up everything beautifully. It also means that when I inevitably rewatch the series, I’ll be watching it with the mindset that Helena is reading to me. :3


Was planning on rewatching too. Which would be my 4th run of season 1 and 3rd of season 2.
Ah, well.

I actually love Helena though. I loved watching her character develop. going from being a remorseless, psycho killer to being loving and thoughtful and actually trying to kill herself to save her babies from a life of experiments and tests


Rewatched Season 5’s last 3 episodes and almost cried again. Almost.