ORLY? (Kappa)


How are we going to fix this? Any update with good news or hope? :frowning:

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These awards mean nothing to me. They are given out before the game even releases. Which really doesn’t tell you anything about the game aside from, “It looks pretty at games cons, have a award for a game we only understand through the window you have shown us.” Just my opinion on that, feel free to smite me.



It’s not as horrible as you might think.

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Kappa … Lol



because nobody is playing vanilla wow

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Ha! I knew something was fishy about it. xD

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Views might say something about a game, but I think some games are just more interesting to spectate than others.

Evolve, while fun to play, just isn’t as fun to watch. Unless you have the spectator mode where you can switch perspectives, that helps some. There quite a bit of down time between matches, which doesn’t help with viewer interest, either.

Not sure comparing view numbers is a really fair way to compare how successful different games are.