Original Left 4 Dead


Harro All,

Just wanted to talk about a game dear to my heart. The original left4dead, you guys really had created the next Counter-Strike but with zombies, I mean the competitiveness of the game was off the scale, until valve completely ruined it.

Especially the early/pre patches release. I really hope down the line you guys can hopefully remake something similar given Valves probably IP rights over it who knows, and if you do keep full control of the decisions of the game in general so Gaben doesn’t drop sequels that totally ruin games.

Now let me tell you the competitive spirit that drew me, and all the many players at the beginning of the game before it was destroyed.

Verses was amazing in the beginning, and these few elements helped make it ultra competitive on par with CS.

Insta-Kill spots: self explanatory, it would raise everyones competitiveness and awareness to high levels, as you had to be extra careful to not die, or land that perfect smoker pull for example.

Hard Campaign progression: Before the patches started rolling in, the hordes were very hard to get through, and you barley made it to the end with any health, again you had to play ultra competitive if you wanted to win.

Which brings us to the next point, the health pack multiplier was huge, and if you could save those med kits to the end you had a pretty big advantage against the other team as far as points went.

Last but most importantly, the infected character combination, the 4 infected types were the perfect balance, whereas you had to decide if you wanted to sacrifice a boomer for example, and get a 3rd hunter to go for a insta-win scenario with 3 pounces and a smoke pull. This again dialed up the competitiveness to the extreme, where one wrong move and the level could be over.

Anyway I’m sure you remember these things given that you created the game, and probably had these thoughts in mind, and in my opinion you succeeded in creating an ultra competitive game, if the original l4d wasn’t neutered with patches to make it more casual, and then completely abandoned with l4d2 i think it would still be a top played e-sport game today.

Anyway I hope sometime down the line you guys can make a zombie pvp 4v4 5v5 team based game again, with the same spirit behind as the original l4d, and not have it get screwed by short sighted corporations.


Thank you so much for the support and sharing with us your love for Left 4 Dead!
@MacMan @SlabOMeat