Origin of this saying:

“Fuck it, I’ll go Bucket.” Or Fucket Bucket, or variations of it.

A long time ago, I remember either I was watching a YouTube video or maybe was playing with somebody who said, Fuck it, I’ll go Bucket. It had to do with not getting the optimal composition and at that time Bucket was a wild card to pick as support, you either win in the first encounter or lose.

Recently, I’ve caught myself saying out loud “Fucket Bucket” and my friends didn’t get the reference, they were very confused and it just brought a smile to my face :wink:
Just a thought… Just a thought…


The term is one I’ve heard before Evolve. It can refer to a bucket filled with something like candy, or whatever else, a person wants when they basically say screw it, I’m done…much like how on tv sitcoms women will eat a box of chocolate when they break up with their boyfriends.


Fuck it bucket!! I first saw it watching SuperbadJuju streaming… Think Musakek might have been involved… Good times… buckets great when u really just wana do dmg and not really gaf about much else…


Haven’t heard of this one before, but I will steal it. :^)