Orbital Vs Behemoth


Well Fuck.

No win situation if you got a Behemoth in a canyon or gully…

Guess you can tank it but…sheesh…kinda wating some delicious Nomad and Daisy Garnish.


Had a Behemoth wall himself into a corner with me (Hank) over looking him. I put a wonderful orbital strike while yelling “Fire in the hole!” on top of him. He only had like a bar of armor to start with and was not happy at all about it. My team seemed to enjoy it…


Well son you just earned your self the achievement. Easy Kill. :smile:


Orbital is super effective vs. Behemoth, but Roll still picks up momentum fast enough to escape before more than a few bombs hit.


Now wat


Orbital Strike OP…


Lol, 2 people said it doesn’t make it true.


When he starts climbing something tall, orbital the top. One of my friends did that.

It was the sexiest thing a man has ever done. :stuck_out_tongue:


Step 1: call orbital.
Step 2: val tranqs
Step 3: griffin harpoons
Step 4: Run, because he is gonna be very angry, and focusing on everyone except assault.


No, he will be dead.

Step 4 don’t exist.


Guess it depends on armor/health level.
Behemoth tops 20k health alone at stage 3, right?


If you’re getting hurt that bad by an orbital with Behemoth, you’re Behemothing wrong. The end. I constantly have them dropped on me. Two or three hit before I relocate.


I’ve had that happen to me. I just stopped climbing and killed everyone.


Don’t like using Bob against good teams he is too bugged right now, he gets stuck on everything and his to rockwall will do more harm then good a lot of times


Griffin + Behemoth + Climbing = falling slower than a feather. Not sure why gravity on shear seems Earth like until a 10 tonne rock monster is falling… but anyway. Theres an easy few seconds where behemoth cant do anything except fall slowly. Hank should change his pants after he orders that orbital ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I always pictured behemoth leaving a wake of destruction behind him. I wish if you went off a cliff in ball form, you landed really heavy, maybe did a little impact damage. That would be crazy awesome.


I get a sick sense of satisfaction seeing massive amounts of red health turn pink and then drop off.