Orbital Drill Unbalanced


Hello. I playing as a monster mostly. And I have just a simple request. Can you make “new” orbital drill map like it was in legacy. Not because it’s bad,it’s just I think it’s a bit unbalanced,since playing as a monster hunters can find you in seconds. And even when after first dome fight you can’t go anywhere to hide. It is very frustruating. I hope my voice wil be heard. Add more vegetation or buildings,so hunters couldn’t see you acroos the map. Or just make that planet scanner won’t work on this map. It’s just a suggestion.
P.S.: and make more balanced “Weather control: Overpowered”. It is more hunter favored.


Or you can figure out a good feeding route and practice juking.

Orbital Drill is my personal favorite map because it’s by far the best map to juke the Hunters on, and the terrain means I have to work for a win.

I love the new Orbital Drill.


But Orbital Drill is like one the better maps for monsters. :frowning:
You have a good amount of juke locations, as well as LOS blockers. Also feeding route is pretty good, you won’t evolve in under 2 minutes but after the hunters find you, you should have the easiest time feeding again if you need to get off the routes, to juke.


Orbital Drill is IMO probably the most balanced map in the game. All of them are balanced but this one especially. It’s large, lot of LoS blockers to counter chasecomps and give monsters room to juke and maneuver, and it has plenty of fighting spot variety and a balanced relay.


To balance all that out they also have a lot of areas where there are two ledges close to each other that hunters can use.


All of you talking like you are playing as hunters. Even pro monsters (like Deanimate ) find difficult to evolve. And with new Renegade abe is impossible to escape. Because damaging numbers showing your location. Trust me,it’s hell. I’ve been there. Reg Abe+Abe+Sunny+any medic