Orbital Drill Game Timer Relay cheese


I assume this is the right category for this thread, but i was wondering if anyone else encountered a situation on orbital drill, (Goliath vs Rval/Cabot/Maggie/Hyde for context) where the timer is closing down from 2 minutes and the hunters decide to split separate ways and shoot you off the relay from different directions.

E.g: Cabot shooting from his 130-150 or so relay spot, Maggie shoots from one door, Hyde and Rval the other side,

If i go for Cabot he’ll cloak/elude as timer runs, Maggie harpoons apparently don’t trigger the pause, and any time spent going from the kill to relay results in lost time, then with 3-4 people shooting me i can’t take the relay, then there’s a need to Re-Armour if i take too much chip.

So i’d like to ask if anyone knows any real counter-play to this? is this something that might need to be adjusted? Cause i’m not seeing a situation where this really gives the monster any opportunity to win outside a Bob re-roll (pun totally intended).


Hasn’t happened to me, but I think that there are no possible ways to counter that amount of cheesing. I’ve heard of people who also do it in Aviary.

May you never encounter those jerk bags again.


The best way to counter it is to just hunt them down and kill them.
If you pay attention you get a red arrow thing that shows you from which direction you were shot from.
Maggie can’t run forever and the cloak can only be used once (assuming you go back to the relay again rather than staying and smelling out the footprints).


Like i said, the issue with hunting them down is as i go from person to person, the timer keeps ticking, and unless i get on Cabot through cloak, i lose time during the chase.

Try chasing Maggie, and i literally lost 10 seconds before even being able to hit her through traps/line of sighting.

Then the other two are so far away from the others as they’re on the opposite side of the relay building that i’d lose time traversing to them, and odds are dropship will be back in by the time they’re downed.


Oh yes, this strat.

There’s a team or 2 that do this on wraith trap and aviary.

These are really bad for it because you can get 360 degree coverage of the relay if you roll Cabot.


I thought the timer stops if you kill one of them? If so you can go kill RVal and then pick them off 1 by 1 without worrying about the time.



hey bro. got a diagram up for this?


Have had no time. I’m on break now so soon enough I’ll have the maps being made. Been too busy with school stuff.


The timer only stops when either the monster or hunters takes any form of damage from each other, or if the monster attacks the power relay, it starts again after a certain grace period.


Only thing you can do is chase them down and force combat.

I know it sucks.

And i agree with you that is cheesefully ridiculous.

The relay mechanic IMO is far too easily abused as it is right now by hunters on a lot of maps. Its no longer serving its original intent, and has become a meta-object to exploit to their benefit.


The best I can say is work on your anti-cloak game; getting in a flame type attack if you can and then honing your skills in the sniff and follow the footprints side of things is going to ensure Cabot goes down.

I’d say the best thing to remember is that once some of them are dead it becomes much harder to stop you on the relay without getting too close, especially if you’ve taken the time to take out Cabot. Then the thing to remember is that the dropship provides you the hunters back all in one space before they can split up again, a good opportunity to ruin that plan and give yourself even more time to solve the Maggie problem.

But it’s a shitty tactic they’re pulling and I hope that TRS end up resolving it somehow in the future.


^ That.

This is exactly why I think relays should be damageable by monster abilities. The hunt from hunt mode should never be removed for the hunters, Imo. Its ridiculous that you should ever have to consider “should i go to stage 3… or not…” in a game where youre trying to get to stage 3, and the hunters are trying to stop you before you get there.


For the most part i’m fine with tracking cloaks, the issue is the cabot can see me coming out the relay door and jetpack a mile away with cloak to leave no tracks before i can even get in range to flame breath them, in addition to the spot him being at is godly for kiting a goliath.

Hell i should know, i oft did this as a sole survivor, but not as a timer cheese :S


The only thing I can suggest is burning some of the timer to misdirect where you’re actually heading somehow? But yeah, even thinking about the types of people that play hunter like this make me annoyed so that’s all I’ve got :stuck_out_tongue:


Only problem with that is monsters could try to chip down the relay with abilities.


Then monsters would never fight again. There would be soo many “kraken is too derpy for this” stuff. Relay dmg from abilities would not solve this issue.

We need something else.

One way is you can disable the “stun” duration from hitting the relay. So the monster can keep attacking the relay regardless if it’s getting dmged. Then hunters can’t split up as easily and the monster can’t chip away at the relay from a long distance.

Forcing both parties to one spot. Sure the monster can just hammer away at the relay, but would they really take that chance when a full team is there getting free dmg on them? I highly doubt it.



I dont see this as a problem.

Would monster “try” and do this? Indeed they would. And then the hunters would have to continue to hunt the monster in hunt mode. The relay would refine and limit the area they had to hunt it in. If youre honestly asserting that the monsters would never be domed past this, you grossly underestimate hunters capabilities. If they failed to dome it at this point, they failed period- And dont deserve to win anyways. If they didnt do enough damage during the chase to this point that they couldnt kill it within a couple of domes, and it had enough time overall to destroy the relay- Guess what- They failed here too. Would this give the monster an advantage at stage 3? Yes, yes it would. Exactly as it should have. The hunters had their time to have their advantage(s), back at the start of the match.

When you see competitive monsters on quite a few maps make it to stage 3 with full or nearly full health, and then struggle because of the advantage hunters get by not having to hunt the monster at this point- Something is Wrong. The core of the game, and hunt mode, is for the monster to stage up and get stronger, and for the hunters to hunt the monster to prevent it from doing this. This premise breaks down because of how the relay mechanics work- Again, something is wrong. When monsters have to umm and rrr and debate and contemplate “should i take this evolve… or shouldnt it…”- Something is wrong.


You do know there will be ways to exploit this right? Then we are back to square one.


Care to share some?

In either case- So what? Could is be exploited? For arguments sake- Lets say sure. Are you saying the current mechanic isnt exploitable? Any way you want to slice it, the current mechanic, for many, especially at a competitive/high level, arguably breaks down the very concept of the mode itself. Id much rather have the lesser of two evils. What we have now basically encourages and allows hunters to arguably exploit/cheese the mechanic. Such as this example discussed originally here in this thread, or forcing the monster to fight in areas which utterly cripple it and deny any power gained from evolving in the first place, the dredded “god” domes, or domes which are calculated to the meter that allow cubbie holes for hunters and deny monster passage- Making it impossible to gain any headway.

The mechanic in place now allows hunters easy access to this. And on plenty of maps, gives the hunters far, far more power than the monster gets by evolving to stage 3. A few extra ability points is meaningless if youre brought in areas where youre mobility is crippled to a crawl turning you into a damage sponge as you try to hit hunters who have terrain which allows them to mitigate/kite/avoid the majority of your attacks in the first place.


But how do you know this won’t be worse off then it is right now? Not to mention potential bugs that can come along with it. And I never said the current concept can’t be exploited. But you have no way of knowing if this idea of yours will be any better.

Then what happens if it gets worse? Getting rid of the exploitation isn’t easy nor will it probably end.

Also it’s even given in the tips that “don’t stray to far from the relay or else the monster will attack it.”

God domes and cubbie holes are two different things. The dome is the example of “full control”. You can pinpoint throw it to the exact degree you wish. But in turn this can cause problems.

Perhaps instead of focusing at the relay S3 fights, more focus could be spent on S1 S2 engagements instead.