Orbital Barrage voice command removed


Orbital barrage shouldn’t give any indication to the monster on when to use it

This ability is a critical … could be a game changer

Silver destroyer / Gold monsters know when it’s coming by Hank voice command / subtitle … they will dodge it immediately

Critical hunters abilities that require timing shouldn’t be heard period to the monster player … it should have the element of surprise .

It’s not critical against low / med med ranked … but it’s really critical in high ranked level play

I do honestly think understanding hunters language in combat do favor the monsters

Monsters should only know outside of combat the language of hunters just to be cautious on what is coming

But the game would be boring for monsters if monster wouldn’t hear hunters … maybe this was the reason they prevented it … just to add some actions


You do understand that the voice over is there precisely to let the monster know it’s coming? All the things the hunters say are not only to inform the hunters about things, but monsters too. It gives them a chance to adapt to what’s coming. It’s the same reason that the monsters make sounds like the crunching sound of bringing up a rock ready to throw from Goliath. There are audio cues for both sides to react to, and that’s a good thing to stop frustration within fights.


In R6S teamwork paced game

The developers removed hearing the other team … they know from balance perspective … they had to do it

What if monsters have a language that can be understood to hunters ? Do you think it has an impact over the game ? It will be probably favor hunters

The audios of Goliath rock / leap … it can’t be heard during fights … because most likely you will hear hunters voice command over it


I hear it all the time, I use it to make decisions to move towards cover even if I’m not facing the Goliath.

Seriously, audio cues about incoming major damaging attacks are a good thing for fun :slight_smile:


Funnily enough I’ve heard people saying they would like the indicator to show up on the monster’s side, just to give monster a little more edge. Though with the upcoming changes I would say standby and wait for that.


Maybe I don’t pay attention but I feel like the sound is toned down .it’s pretty hard to hear it . it’s unable to be heard when the hunters use their voices / wild life sound

Monster can see footprints / cloacked jetpack

If monster uses ability to reveal the cloack … the voice do help the monster to look for the cloacked hunter … it reminds them to keep attacking the cloacked hunter

Monster can hear …or read the subtitles …

Second reason I want orbital indication to be removed … Hank will get an indirect hit by reworking the capacity perk … the game doesn’t offer a high level of play for Hank anymore if orbital indication wasn’t removed


?? Orbital doesn’t increase with capacity as far as I’m aware.


Yes it does … it increases the duration of the orbital

The problem is not the capacity perk 40% …

If Hank is running capacity in 9.0 … it will take higher time to recharge the orbital because capacity will not have 40% faster recharge anymore … it’s not a problem to me

The real problem is if all gold monster dodged the orbital drill / barrage (due to command voice / subtitle ) … it’s gonna be useless ability … because it’s the most critical hunters ability that require timing

Both of us can’t disagree that orbital does the highest damage output period


I’m 100% sure it doesn’t.


@niaccurshi Thanks. My phone updated and tagging is near impossible now.


Capacity also increases the duration of monster reveal time (dust tag)


No it doesn’t.


Do you remember per Nerf orbital ?

There is a huge damage difference when you run capacity perk / without it

With capacity perk … it literally melt half of monster health lol


That is a false equivalency.

They had to do it because that game has a high damage model and 1 shot kills with any weapon. Characters could be heard yelling things out from different floors in the same building and characters like Pulse who actively use their gadget got crippled because they couldn’t get the element of surprise.


Urgh… not another one of those threads where you use bullocks information to back you up.

Capacity has no effect on the Orbital Barrage.
Nor does it increase the duration of the Dust Tag.
Or Personal Cloak. Or Adrenaline Field. Or whatever you’re gonna come up with next.

Also, the last change Orbital Barrage got was a nerf, not a buff.
I think @Sidewaysgts and @10shredder00 already had that argument before too in another topic if I’m not mistaken.
They made the duration of the barrage go from 5 seconds to 3-something seconds, but that doesn’t mean that the rockets fly faster, it just means the barrage spawns less rockets (and thus deals less damage) in total.


Tom is right about the damage model being different. Even though you can’t hear the dialogue of the other team you can still hear equipment being prepped or deployed such as bear traps, fuze devices, and c4. Not to mention the sound that wallking and running make. Sound makes up a very important part of r6 just like evolve.


They also changed it so it had less radius.

It was more of a buff. They changed the spread of the missiles and the duration. They all come down faster now and have a higher chance of dealing damage.


Even if Hank doesn’t shout out that he’s using an orbital, you can hear the Boom sound come from the sky. Something I do is if I see Hank not shielding/shooting I listen out for the boom and look up. I see the missiles dropping and that gives me enough time to dodge.


Nope. They do not.

I don’t know whether they reduced the spread or not. Can’t recall. I can understand why it would look like that even if patch notes don’t mention it, considering they cut the last 1.5 seconds off the Orbital Barrage which is exactly the part where the rockets start falling in the biggest radius.

Still not a buff. The rockets didn’t fall faster. It wasn’t like they made it so that 20 rockets will now fall in 3.5 seconds instead of 5, they made it so that a constant flow of rockets will appear for 3.5 seconds instead of 5.
In other words, that’s roughly 30% less rockets in 1 Orbital Barrage.

Which makes sense, because they mentioned they wanted to make evolving a bit more forgiving. Hence the few armor bars you get for free after evolving, I believe that was in the same patch.


Then it’s neither a buff nor a nerf. It was changed to guarantee more damage consistently but if it was nerfed in terms of rockets then it was neither.


It’s no difference for 9/10 Monsters because the first thing they do when they hear the Orbital Barrage is GTFO.

However when theoratically assuming a Monster player is dumb enough to shower under the barrage for its full duration (like when evolving)… then that’s 30% less raw damage they’ll receive. How’s that not a nerf?