Orbital Barrage/Speed Boost and Capacity or Reload Perk


Simple question: Is Hank the Tank’s Orbital or Caira the… Something’s Speed Boost affected by either the capacity or reload perk? I’ve heard all sorts of half answers (no they don’t/yes they do, but it’s a bug/etc) and would really appreciate if someone could give a definitive answer.


Reload as far as I know helps recharge the ability faster, but capacity has no effect at all on them.


Capacity does not affect it, reload is supposed to but doesnt yet (i think)


Grah that’s what I thought too, I just don’t know definitively. @MaddCow, any idea? (I don’t want to bother a dev)


capacity doesn’t effect them at all, reload speed is supposed to effect things like the orbital and lazarus cloak but it doesn’t, the devs have said they want to make it effect everything in the future


@MacMan, any chance you could confirm this for me? The blessing of your wisdom would be hugely appreciated.


Reload should help them recharge more quickly.


Thanks so much for the reply! So just to confirm, they’re not bugged, and taking the reload perk does affect barrage/speed boost/cloak?


By design they should. I haven’t personally tested though. I know we recently fixed some bugs with those, but I think those fixes were in the 1.2 update.


Thanks so much for the info!