Orbital Barrage and Radioactive Dust Targeting


Many a time have I been about to land massive damage or a possible game changing tag from a great distance, only to have the targeting bug out and hit the side of a tree stump half way between me and my target.

I’d wager this is a problem inherent in the mechanic and would take more than just a patch to fix fully. However, what can be done, and what I would love to see done, is allow us Hank’s and Cabot’s to actually use that scope (Mouse-3 on PC) to zoom in before we start targeting. This would remove the targeting shift that always happens when the targeter zooms in on its own, mid-target.


I would add to this suggestion the possibility to aim with the “true” techno-binoculars that these gadgets are made off. Meaning that you can enter to a magnified vision (like Val’s Barrett) to adjust your landing strike as accurate as possible, pressing left triggers on consoles or alt click on mouse letting you to focus and track your aiming, just like aiming with normal weapons, and not only the magnified vision on those 2 seconds while charging the barrage. Exactly as Hank does on the intro of the game.
I think this would be a great improvement to both gadgets making them more effective and kind of cool/realistic :smiley:


Orbitals are hard yall


Watch that clip lol.You wont be dissapointed. Right before this he ran right by the val that was stuck in a plant and left her to die.


That video is cringe worthy.


It was so bad it was funny. We were already expecting a loss and then when me and @NecroBloodSpawn saw him fail so bad we started dying of laughter. I wish there was audio of our chat so we could have captured our amazement and joy when he started evolving and then simply crashed into disbelief and hysterics.


I don’t have too many problems with dust since I don’t have to land it on the monster just near by. Orbitals I’ve had messed up a few times due to me running out of jet-pack fuel and other times things such as describe above screwing the target, but mostly due to the time it takes for the trigger.

I dont mind the delay in triggering the barrage but make the delay on zooming in or something and then letting your trigger be instant. Click release triggers, click + hold = wait until release. Keep the same delay and zoom in just require you to right click zoom in before you can trigger.


thanks for bringing that up i lol’d again @Myala


btw are you getting on today @Myala


Not till 6pm PST. Gonna be at school late today. I do want to do some more practice today with trying different perks and turning on sprint toggle so I will be on unless something else comes up.


I just hooted at how much that player screwed up xD.


I’m STILL trying to get my Hank elite due to the “30 oribtal strikes on monster from 50m” challenge. I’m a pretty good Hank, but have had a hard time with this one due to aiming difficulty.


ok cool *insertrandomtexthere


I normally hate to bump my own posts like this, but every time I miss a targeting because the delayed zoom bumps the reticle back to a tree or cliff I get extremely hopeful that one of the dev’s will pick up this idea and try to run with it


can’t say i blame you honestly, it would be a lot more fun with that mechanic in the game.


I don’t see why they won’t let you pre-zoom in with right-click and left click to charge the barrage/dust tag. It just keeps the aiming mechanism consistent with other weapons.


Along the same lines, I have a problem where the strike/tag is giving me the “no go” sign and I can’t figure out why. I know it won’t work in enclosed spaces, obviously, but there are plenty of times where it takes me so long to position it just right to get it to work that the monster is long gone. Is there some kind of trick to it that I don’t know about? Like it has to land on a perfectly flat surface or something?


It isn’t an “enclosed space” per say, it’s if there is any “sky roof”. So some overhanging cliffs (edges of maps) can deny you.

You can use it on cliff edges too, just remember to look up and visualize valid strike zones.


And sometimes it will let you put one down when there’s a slight overhang 100 feet above you which completely wastes the orbital.


The icing on the cake…Torvold’s mortar targeting allows you to “zoom in”’, along his arm

Granted its only like a 1.1x zoom but its still more than nothing

I think the only items that don’t allow a right-click zoom are the droppables: mines, spikes, grenades, robots, and the like

EDIT: Tagging @MacMan, hopefully to get a clarification on this