Orbital Barrage and Dust Tagging on Aviary


So, given that Aviary has about 1/2-2/3 of the map technically indoors, how does this effect orbital barrage and dust tagging?


I saw ManiacSquirrel playing Cabot on Aviary a week or so back. He was dust tagging just fine around the relay and general forest area, AKA inside the dome. it worked near the tunnels, as well. I don’t recall how it worked on the snowy area, but I imagine it functions fine there.


It goes through it.


I do believe I’ve seen players call in both barrages and dust tagg(ing?)s while inside. I can’t imagine TRS making that impossible- they themselves said they didn’t want to do underground maps for this reason, so I doubt they would contradict themselves or make such a large oversight.

We should be fine. If we aren’t… Railgun?


Maybe it’s like when you drop in, the giant door at the top opens to allow the barrage. Also, Aviary has the most epic insertion drop I’ve seen out of all maps. Reminds me so much of Jurassic Park :smiley:


Ive done orbital inside the Aviary a fair few times. I think the idea is that the roof of the dome is essentially the sky for this map and only the tunnels act as roofs/overhangs that block.

edit: obviously not literally the sky as we drop in from above it haha.


Maybe the aviary dome is made of the same stuff the trappers domes are. keeping matter in but allowing entry from the outside.



I just thought as well, to fit lore, maybe the barrage just blows the crap out of the roof haha.


Only if the support is from 'murica!


But…it’s glass. Anyway, realism you say? Flying lightning squid. The end.

That drop is epic. Falling through the clouds and seeing the ground suddenly rush up at you is great. Even better if the Monster is there too…


Just have to pretend the dome doesn’t exist for gameplay reasons, it’s still my favorite map so far (been avoiding playing all of them so there is something left for release).

The inside is just so lush and green, then going outside cold and barren. Plus it’s got technology hidden away in different spots, it’s just gorgeous to look at and fight in!


Actually, the top of the dome opens - you jump through the hatch when you start the match. I’d assume whatever ship sends in the air strikes opens it for you.


Some sort of magical portal opens up and both the barrage and the dust tagging come out of those.


I thought about the ceiling opening, but if you look at how slowly it opens, I don’t think it would have time. We need @MaddCow to test this. Drop an orbital right as someone is dropping in to see if the doors opened for the barrage


One would assume the dust travels along the air vents in indoor areas?


I’m at work more or less until release anyway. I’m thinking that Aviery has such a ‘high’ ceiling that it’s wave of the hand to cover up that there is no orbital coming realistically. Same with Dust Cloud.


That’s kind of what I figured as well. And @SlinkyGuy, it comes down as a kind of bomb that explodes and covers everything in dust from what I can tell


Yeah that would be the case, scratch what I said then!