Oracle-Kraken ? will it be the Kraken Adaptation?


In a conversation of Hank and Wasteland - Maggie ( i think she was it ) they was talking about a 6 eyed Oracle-Kraken

so can it be maybe the Kraken Adaptation and he hv 6 eyes ? or it is just a random Monster for the Story like the Orion Terrosaur

i hv heard this conversation the first time today. i dont know if its a new one

its just in german sry guys


well I’ve never heard about it… but it cofuses me because there has been no other conversation that involves adaptations(their not canon afaik).


Damn. I have never heard this at all.


Haven’t heard this either :confused:


I’ve never heard of the 6 eyed Oracle-Kraken but it sounds really cool. I’m dying for some canon adaptions, so uh, here’s hoping.


there are some conversation of adaptation

Hyde ask maggie to put a flamethrower on Daisy
Maggie adaptation = Daisy got a flamethrower

Hyde ask Hank where he got his Orbital Drill
Hank Adaptation = He hv his Orbital Drill as a weapon


Video or it didnt happen


Subtitles. Maybe you just heard it wrong, cause that sounds…a little too out there.


i hv subtitles on but its in german i dont hv record it because it was in german and the match was longer as 15 min


Well that’s no good >_<


If this happens to be a thing then the Devs are already rubbing their hands as the plot thickens…


OMG i got it again O.O Its in german just translate it in english

The conversation was whit Hank and Maggie


Can you translate for us non-German speakers?

@MacMan is this true?


my english is not so good i hv try to get it in english but the subtitles are still german -.-


The thing that stands out the most is “Orakel-Kraken” and whatever “Albtrāume” is.


Albträume = Nightmare Orakel-Kraken = Oracle-Kraken


I thought that was a conversation about planet taming and that was one of the wildlife.


I think I remember hearing one about them talking about some squid monster they had seen before.

That would make sense. It had multiple eyes I believe and Kraken is a sea monster so…


So “Oracle Kraken Nightmare”?

Well f**k…

It’ll either look majestic or it’ll look like the thing that would make you crap yourself if you found it under the ocean while diving…

Or both…

F**k it, Oracle Kraken Nightmare OP plz narf.


Yeah they are talking about a squid/octopus monster from a different planet they worked on. I am recalling it clearly now. This has nothing to do with the monster Kraken.

According to Wikipedia (Yeah I know, not the best source) but Kraken is plural of Krake which means octopus but is not used like that in English so the German translation could easily mess that up to make you think its talking about the monster in the game.