Optional "Ability" Reticule


First of all, let me say this: This suggestion is for an OPTIONAL mode of the reticule. The default reticule would be how it is now, this would be a proposition for an ability to change it to this mode.

Basically it replicates the info at the bottom right, but near your center of attention, for when you need to pop abilities at crucial times, be you Hunter or Monster. In the above, Top/Bottom are at the ready, Left is recharging, and Right is used up. I used transparency in order to make the reticule less obtrusive.

Like with Monster abilities, when fully charged (abilities, not weapons), they could glimmer a bit when they are ready to be used.

Just a thought. There are many ways to represent ability state with minimal UI towards the central focus area; this is just one such suggestion.


Yeah, we need more options with the abilities. I don’t like looking at blue bars in the corner that doesn’t give me exact details on when the cooldown is up. Have them be able to toggle on or off so we can have preferences.


Atm abilities can’t be toggled and thats fine, now you have to know when to use it and be smart about it. If you allow toggle this takes away that ‘skill’ and lets you use it whenever you want.

Unless you mean toggle like the battle dome where the cooldown resets when toggled, then i am okay with it. :slight_smile:


I don’t mind how it is now. The ability is used and the color for that slot is gone and fills back up with color when it is ready now. Though a more centered or noticeable way to let use know would be cool.


Thing is, it’s not considered skill if a person is given the same information on screen, just in a more ideal location that does not cause them to have to glance off to their peripheral vision to see if an ability is ready. And just spamming the use button until it is ready would be akin to the same core issue; the player wants ability status info in an easy-to-consume location.

I thought about making it optional so those who like how things are now would not be affected.


Nah, I like it the way it is. Train yourself to “know” the timings in your head.

Similar to Starcraft managing buildings. Or DOTA when someone calls an enemy leaving a lane…approx. time it would take to get to your lane.

All added layers that make the game more fun, and more challenging. You can risk looking down and maybe missing key queues in the action, or you can get a feel for ability cooldowns and be able to remain focused on the gameplay at hand without having to glance outside the action.


I have mixed feelings for this. I’m used to looking down/up for my abilities so it’s not a big deal, however, in any game (Usually MMOs) I tend to put my abilities and health bar directly to the left/right of my character (So central mass). I like the idea, but it’s not game breaking if it doesn’t come through.


You do realize Dota/LoL/WoW/Smite have cooldown timers for their abilities right? Lots of games do it, Evolve is no different in this situation. Your reasoning with the lanes in DOTA is even flawed because you just compared map awareness to ability timers which are completely separate things.


I did similarly, with some abilities, in an MMO. Mainly abilities not in the main rotation, but are life saving. Or abilities that require exact timing for combos.

But this game has 4 abilities. Four. What is the longest cooldown? 60 seconds?

I just don’t think it is needed. And I believe it erases a minor skill gap that should exist.


I agree, which is why it’s almost a non issue. I’m only weighing in with the fact that I see both sides and I’m pretty neutral on it one way or the other.


As a monster player i don’t want to see even more hunter ’ buff’s ’ :frowning:


This is why I included both examples. Because they are different examples.

In DOTA, and other MMO’s (without macros like FFXI), the ability timers are on the ability logo. Exactly how Evolve is right now. Perfectly acceptable. The cooldowns do not shout at you in the middle of the screen or scream out “I’m ready now!” These suggested reticules would be unnecessary crutches, used in lieu of paying attention and learning the flow of the game.


Well it was suggested as an optional feature, not indicated to be anything considered “game breaking” In fact, it duplicates (a wasteful thing in a UI) information that is already on screen, it just puts it in an alternate location.

Ultimately, if the HUD could be modded, that would open up a lot of opportunity, but again, it’s preferential, not pivotal.


Agreed. I also think that anyone with that high of skill where something like this matters would have a really good internal clock for counting moves as well as there are notifications in game that make it almost unneeded.


You do realize all I’m asking is a countdown timer with numbers for the abilities when they’re on cooldown right? How LoL/DOTA does it with theres and the majority of MMOs? That’s not even an unreasonable thing to ask considering it’s one of the most common features in games to have that sort of thing.

Have that feature implemented to be turned on or off.


Either have them turned on or off, don’t allow both. In moba’s you have other things to think about then your abilities, in evolve you have one goal: hunt the monster. It has ‘less’ tactic so not as much to worry about compared to moba’s. If you allow the timers it would just make the hunters even more easier :slight_smile: Play the game -> learn the timers.


So whats your reasoning that Evolve shouldn’t have timers but lots of other games have it?

I’m surprised this is even being debated because this is just visual information options we’re wanting. If you don’t prefer it, keep it the way YOU like, for some who have other preferences this seems like a great option, but instead most of the arguements have been weak, hypocritical and fall back on the “we don’t need it, so we think you shouldn’t need it either”.

Lots of games have these features you know why? Because it’s useful. Everyone has their preferences, we’re not asking to cater to every single person but PROVIDE some flexibility in the UI and the things we’re asking for are completely do-able options and aren’t to the degree that’s complex.


So because other games have timers evolve should aswell?
You really want to make the hunter need 0 skill lol?


Yes, because I want more skills as a monster…lol no even with that thought… its good as is to me.


So are you saying games like DOTA that have the most basic of features such as simple as a timer means it takes no skill to play it? That’s a really weak arguement when you completely ignored the fact that it requires mechanics, mindgames, reaction times, map awareness, aiming, and strategic thinking, which is where timers come in so you can plan ahead exactly when you want to execute something. Ironically all of that applies to this game.

If your arguement is based around it’ll take most of the skill away because of these options we’re suggesting you’re clearly wrong.

I’m going to include a picture because I’m not fully convinced you know what I mean.