Option to turn off "join in progress"


So in the past few days i have as usual been forced into multiple matches playing a hunter i can’t stand. The first reason is because players join and leave right away so your stuck with their choice, the second is because the system chooses the default hunters. It would be nice if we could get one of two options to combat this.

The first being an option to turn off joining in sessions matches. The argument against this would be that no one would end up joining and everyone would leave causing 4 bots and a player. but honestly can you expect 50% of the community to ever use it? It would be nice for those of us who do though.

Second, Re Select. When you enter the game you have 20 seconds to re-select your class and trait. this way you actually get to play who you want and the slots are refilled normally.

Why do i hate the system how it is now? it feels like i get penalized for not staying in matches, because almost every time i turn on the game or rejoin the matchmaking i get thrown into a match. So if we had some options to avoid this it would be nice.