Option to Turn Off in Game Dialogue


Is it possible for there to be an option to turn off in game dialogue? As much as I love the conversations and voice acting, the audio can sometimes cover things up like foot steps, smell sounds, trees falling, and certain ability queues.


You don’t use the audio dialogue to help you out?
I listen for certain voices all the time to know when I should be using various abilities.


When I have a team, no. Solo, yes. That’s why I suggested it be an option.


I’d also suggest then changing the interface so you can access the Options menu from within the multiplayer menu because otherwise you would need to leave to change it and then come back.


You can disable dialogs at the audio-options.


Does it mute all dialogue?


Yup. I just went in to check and make sure. :slight_smile:

I think personally, what I’d really want is audio option profiles or something like that.

For an example, I would want my monster to have slightly above default dialogue audio. General hunter to have slightly below and trapper almost none. All that without having to constantly change settings.