Option to not join game in progress


I play on the pc and right now 9/10 times, the game will put me into a game that’s already in progress. I get forced to play a character i did not pick, and most of the time the game i am joining is a loss and i am put back into the same game multiple times like no one else is plaything this game besides the one group. This option needs to be added so people quit out of shier frustration.



Or you could just wait in that same group and learn their strategies, you’ll get your turn to play your favored class in time…



Or the game could just have the option to not join a game in progress. Many other games have this feature, so why doesn’t evolve? It is because of the lack of players on the pc? just force the remaining players to play together whether they want to or not?

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Because it’s not THERE right now! I’m sure that if you give it some time, they’ll make it.

Funnily enough you’re not the first one to ask for matchmaking options. It’s a pretty constant request.



Why is it not on a top priority? Is fixing the match making not important? It’s because of decisions like these that makes me hope trs will go out of business or a new team will take over the game. The base game should be improved first before dlc’s released. If the base game is crap that people will get angry and leave. Just look at the pc community.

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It’s coming in the next big patch last I heard.

That’s pretty top priority.

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AND FOR THE LAST GOD DAMN TIME, Trs has NO CONTROL over the DLC content’s release schedule! They are NOT at fault here, they’re trying to fix the game so you people can have FUN!

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Listen, you just joined the forums. Take a good hour or so, and -read- some of the stuff people have already said.



There are other threads like this one. @TheMountainThatRoars or @MidnightRoses can redirect you



Easy boy, easy. It’ll be ok. hug



Sorry… Sorry - I’m just… The complaints have sapped literally every ounce of sympathy I have for people tonight.



Take a break, they forum will be here when you get back.



Hello, justify so that you are aware TRS is working on a ranked mode that will allow you to queue into only your desired class.

Let me know if I can help with anything!



Yeah, I have to agree that I find it disheartening they don’t already have an option that prevents you from joining games in progress. I seem to remember L4D being able to search for only game lobbies rather than matches that already started.

While I can see the other point of just sticking it out anyways, it is a little frustrating when you’re trying to work on a specific mastery, don’t know what perk you’ve been given, and when you finish the match only for everyone in the game to quit out, sending you to do the whole process over again sometimes.



The problem with having this option means that once 1 Hunter leaves/rage quits no one will want to continue. People don’t want to play with/against bots. If I knew that I would never get a Hunter to fill in for a spot then most Hunter groups will all just quit out once 1 person leaves knowing that they will have a bot on their team with NO change of a human taking over.