Option to let monster players adjust monster opacity?


Crazy idea- What would people think of it if there was something like a slider in the options to adjust the monsters opacity to just the monster player?

Theres quite a few situations where the monster being in the middle of the screen is rather obstructive- Maybe something like this could help some people? Might need to work out more “details” to it- Maybe not on all the time, ie something like just while in combat (would be a neat indicator to visually let the monster player they are actually in combat too), or something along the lines- Something so the monster player knows its just a visual change on JUST their end so they can see easier in combat.


Yeah, I’m all for this. A little strange, but it would help a lot.


Nothing wrong with making it an option!


I wonder if the balance isn’t made with the monster being somewhat a block of your vision in mind?


Id hope not. For some players this is absolutely no problem. Especially on pc where you can quickly use a mouse to flip the camera around quickly.

Id like to think itd just be an accessibility/QoL thing. But I may be mistaken.


I think that the position of the camera was for pure style since in first person you couldn’t “feel like a monster”


I don’t mean stylistically, balance has been made with certain things as they are… if you make the playing field more visible, it could have consequences on the balance of things.


Maybe, but that would be a very strange thing to balance around.


Not to balance around, just is an aspect of the game that will be a part of balance


I really cant imagine too many situations where this would even impact high-level play much anyways- Hopefully itd be little more than just a QoL thing for more novice monsters.


Honestly, the only time I see it being useful is when you’re playing against Slim and you need to see that area. The outlines are always visible otherwise.

Still, wouldn’t hurt to make it an option, and it’s not like it’s some unfair advantage.


Oh God, Stage 3 Gorgon’s ass annoys the shit out of me while I’m playing her.



Ive wanted first person for the monster since the first time I couldnt see a harpoon sticking out of my ass. This will do nicely.

Then that’s a terrible way to balance the game.


Oh god people, don’t make me have to explain this every time.

You don’t say “Hey let’s make the game balanced by blocking the monster’s view!” you say… “The monster is 3rd person” and then you balance the game… the fact the monster is in the way is part of the damn variables of the game, same as anything else that obstructs the view.

It’s not rocket science guys, the very fact that someone made this thread because it’d essentially be “easier” for the monster if they were opaque kind of makes my entire point for me.


You don’t have to explain things as often as you think. Sometimes people understand exactly what youre getting at, and disagree with you.

Blocking vision is not something that should be kept for the sake of balance. It’s not something conducive to fun. Not that it would have a profound effect on balance, even for a behemoth.


Agreed, but I don’t think you should be able to turn monster translucent altogether.

It should becomes transparent only when the camera is very close to monster like while aiming a rock throw.


I just remembered, “opaque” means that something is fully solid. No fade. Transparent or translucent describes being able to see through an object.


I’m not making a stance for you to disagree with (the game being balanced around a set of realities is a fact, not an opinion for you to oppose).

I’m just saying that it’s not necessarily just a case of “wouldn’t it be nice”, it could very well be a case of “Oh look monster win rates have gone up now”. I don’t think it’s fair to say this is just a QoL request, it’s a request to buff monsters via increased visibility of the battlefield.


And I’m saying it shouldn’t be kept for the sake of balance. Period.

Oh and also that I don’t think it’s that big of a deal too, I guess. Im leaving the period though.


But saying it’s a direct buff to monster is fair, obviously.