Option to have class above player instead of name


When playing as monster I have trouble figuring out which target is which class. The easiest way is to just remember their name but by the time the first fight comes I forget who the medic is and get flustered. I play on Xbox and it is hard to tell the colors apart when I am sitting on my couch. Is there a way you guys could ever get this option added in the future? I saw it in an IGN video on an early copy of the game. I don’t understand why it was removed.


I don’t think it was ever a feature because they probably did those as names to educate people while they were promoting the game.

Each hunter has a unique body shape and voice to it that you have to learn to follow and exploit with your smell ability. Replacing their names with classes is just a crutch for lazy play.


Erm… Pause the game and check at the bottom? Remember from the character screen which ones are picked, and which ones you feel you need to be aware of as the priority

e.g. Slim, Bucket, Maggie, Parnell.

You might think Slim and Maggie are your top priorities.

When you think a fight is close, press pause and check the names under the medic and trapper, remember those two and look for them in the fight. Also you can just tell by their outline.


WOW. That was rude. Crutch for lazy play? I’m sorry that in the heat of battle I want to easily be able to tell my enemies apart and not have to look at what the tiny human looks like? And distinct voice, wtf? How am I suppose to know what character the voice is coming from in the heat of battle?


Would rather not have to remember names throughout the game like I said. It wouldn’t be a hard thing to add and was just a suggestion.


the classes are colour coded:

assault: red
medic: bluish turqoise
trapper: yellow greenish-like
support: orange

once you know that you will look out for a certain colour
I agree though that trapper/support are extremely hard to keep apart in the heat of it.

I like the colour coding though, because my TV is hd ready only And often I wouldnt be able to actually read the names, because the font type is quite small.


You can usually tell by their weapons and actions too. Once you get a few hours under your belt, you’ll be able to tell fairly simply. Supports when threatened tend to cloak up. Trappers will just run, they have an SMG or shotgun (for Abe). Look for them using their trap abilities.

The easiest way to tell who’s who is through the name colours, but if that’s not clear enough, their weapons are the best bet. Especially if you know who’s playing, so you know which weapons are there.


You adapt and learn. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re being rude. When you want a feature that says “hey this specific class is over here” it does warrant for lazy play when each Hunter has a distinguishable shape, color and sound with their voice and weapons fire, along with the Monsters spammable Smell ability.

The devs implemented for that purpose of finding your specific target.


Options are always good.

@Slewey, you’re saying it’s lazy play to want to hunters identified, and the game identifies them for you?


Yeah, the game presents it for you, but YOU as the Monster player are suppose to utilize those hints to help you find who you want to focus, especially under the heat of battle, that’s part of the decision making and analytical skills Monsters have to use.

Assaults have prominent weapon effects
Medics have bright green healing
Trappers distinguishable harpoons and bright blue stasis glows
Supports have unique weapons and abilities that make them stand out (shields, jetbooster, etc).

That’s just one part of how you find a Hunter.


Doesn’t mean you can’t have the option, slewey.

Sometimes, its hard to focus on the color when the name is so large, it gets really annoying, i don’t even mind if they removed color on names if it was replaced with their hunter names, or just even the name of the bloody colors.

AND color blind people.


I excuse myself for any mistakes.

something similar was discussed in a thread regarding colorblind mode. The dev´s did respond to it for a while but as far as i can tell actualy droped the entire thing without giving us even a hint weather or not they thought about implementing anything like that

Here´s one of the repleys i did formulate for that thread, though as far as i can tell the thread itself is dead.


True, I’ll agree with you on that one.


It doesn’t sound like you want decision making and analytical skills, it sounds like you want monsters to memorise a color code. You accept that the game tells you which hunter is which, and then object when someone suggests the game tell you which hunter is which.


You clearly haven’t fully grasp what I’ve said in the past posts, color isn’t the only thing you have to find Hunters.


I excuse myself for any mistakes.

You do realize that certain players can´t even physicly comprehend the information´s that are given to them as they are literlarly incapable of telling the collors appart. The body forms barely help when you got essentialy 2 big ones (support and assault except sunny´s in the game) and 2 small ones (Trapper, medic and if you´re unlucky sunny which complettely and utterly ruins the entire point of body shapes, i mean seriusly who thought this was a good idea? Its like kicking someone who´s already incapable of doing something even more down by telling him “oh yea now you´ve got 3 slim hunters to pick from so uhm good luck finding the medic, trapper OR support now lad without picking the wrong one and getting yourself violently mauled appart” [Sory for the short rant but this is something rather serius its like an added unfairness regarding sunny towards colorblind people and trust me not being able to tell those 3 appart due to the lack of color is just pure hell, i had to stop playing because i saw no visible chance {no pun intented} to actualy play monster anymore. I flat out can´t do that without even the hint of support])


I personally think i’d like an option to just turn off the names. Minimal hud all the way. Color their health bar based on what class they are and give us a good color blind options. I am apparently slightly blue green color blind so I have to really squint to figure out if the skinny one running away from me is a medic or a trapper.

For the most part I make do based on character outline but it’s really easy to make a bad split second decision as the monster. I also get really frustrated when I can’t clearly see an outline because two hunters are near each other and the hud text is covering what I really want to see (the outline). That said I know @MacMan has said in the past that a color blind mode is in the works, so hopefully we get our fix soon.


All I was try to say is that this is a VERY fast paced game. So there is no time to look at people’s body shapes especially when you are a monster 10 times bigger than them. Listening to their voice makes absolutely no sense, this isn’t real life I don’t know where that voice is coming from. I could be attacking one of the hunters and a hunter behind me could be the one talking. And trying to determine colors when I am 8 feet away from my tv is an annoyance. It would be simple to just read the class and if people didn’t like it, good news it’s an OPTION. Regardless I know it will probably never happen just wanted to express my opinion mainly.


I know, but that supports me even further. There are many ways to tell which hunter is which. Yet you object to the addition of one more.


Sounds to me like you’re an idiot kupo.