Option to disable autoswitch


So, this is something that’s been sitting in my head ever since the Hyde change to his grenade came out.
Y’know. The one where he autoswitches to the last weapon he used after throwing a toxic grenade. I don’t like it, I’ll be blunt, I really don’t. I feel like it’s kinda pointless, or atleast, I think so.

My suggestion is this. As a whole, and not just Hyde, could we get a feature to disable autoswitching on weapons? I can see some people liking it, some people maybe not, so it could be nice for both sides. Everybody wins!

And a poll just for poll’s sake.

#Would you like a feature that enables/disables auto switching between weapons?

  • Yes please :smiley:
  • No thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thoughts below? :slight_smile:


How many Hunters actually use this feature though?

Markov doesn’t change back after placing an Arc Mine. Torvald doesn’t change back after throwing a Shrapnel Grenade or firing Mortars. Slim doesn’t swap after shooting a Spore Cloud.

Consider the Hunters who do use this mechanic like Hyde.
Hank after using Orbital Barrage. Cabot after Dust Tag. Mad Mags after placing her 1 Harpoon Trap. Griffin after placing a Sound Spike.

In my opinion this has always been a Hyde-specific issue simply because of his long-ish autoreload times and equal usefulness of both his other weapons.
It never bothers me unless when the autoreload prevents me from immediately firing my weapon again, which is in my eyes a different issues where I’d rather take Lennox as an example of how crippling this can be.


It’s not biased, it’s literally yes or no, politely put. Unless you’re gonna give an opinion relevant to the thread, please refrain from posting :slight_smile:


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Honestly I find it more annoying on WLM. From what I have experience with Hyde, during the autoswitch to say the flamethrower, i can still and will press the button for the minigun with no time disadvantage.
However with WLM you might have fucked up the deploy and will be able to redeploy the harpoon after a short reload. Fuck up the toxic grenade and you have to wait 12 seconds, and nobody waits 12 seconds doing nothing.

But overall, yes this should be possible to disable.


Yeah, what I was initially getting at is that some people might like/benefit from such an option, having it there is nice since well, yeah. You don’t have to use it if you don’t need it, but it’s there for those who will. :smiley:


Why not? I mean it doesn’t hurt anybody and instead it helps those that dislike it.

AFAIK It’ll only affect Hyde and Wasteland Maggie.


Only thing I hate this on is WLM.


I vote yes, but it’s nice for the one use things such as Sunny’s Drone or WLM’s Snare


Actually, I’d rather more hunters DID autoswitch. So, in that case, I’d like an option to turn it off or on, if it applied across the board. Why is it on a hunter by hunter basis anyway? That’s annoying.

Like, I remember the first time I used Crow. I threw Gobi and just ran around with my hands empty thinking, “really? It doesn’t switch back to my last weapon? What’s that about?”


This would really hurt trappers unless you didn’t have to go to the main screen to toggle autoswitch. Especially griffin if he doesn’t switch back to harpoon immediately after doming.


Because some people don’t like to swap.


That doesn’t answer my question. That was rhetorical for everyone, but a dev, by the way. Why is it only on some hunters and not others? It should be all or nothing.

You get used to auto swapping on one hunter, switch to another that doesn’t and it screws you up or vice versa.


I meant to have a question mark. For some Hunters I agree like Hyde but people like Wasteland Maggie I hate the swap.


I like the idea actually. As I don’t mind it on Hyde, Lennox, or WM.

But, sometimes as Lennox, you want to use thunder strike and then swap to plasma lance. If you had AA canon out before thunder strike, she switches back to AA obviously. I’d like the option to be able to switch to plasma lance instead.


Yes please! This is the reason I don’t like playing as WLM. It’s so annoying when it switches the harpoon away from me.


Because it makes sense.
You don’t want Crow to switch to his stasis gun every time you emptied a clip on his rifle, right?

Or are you just talking about one-shot weapons? Like slims spores, Cabots railgun, Val’s sniper? No, you don’t want to switch after every shot.

Or do you not mean any primary/secondary weapons at all, but rather the special abilities? Like Abe’s dart pistol, Val’s tranqs or Maggie’s harpoons?

I think you got my point ^^

Autoswitching only makes sense on very few specific weapons. Anything with a long enough cooldown, that you wouldn’t just stand there, doing nothing but waiting for the reload. And personally I’m glad the game helps me switching weapons sometimes.
I wouldn’t mind an option to turn it off tho :slight_smile:


Yes, but everyone has their own preference as to when they would or wouldn’t like it to happen as you can see throughout this thread. So, I don’t think having some hunters autoswitch and others not is a good idea. I like the idea of having a blanket setting to toggle on or off, though.


Yea, I just mean, the option to turn it off or on would only affect the weapons that already have it on in the current build.

They shouldn’t add autoswitching to any more weapons.


I would like to see a switch for the auto reload as well. Screws with Lennox(AA) a little too much.