Option to Disable Annoucer


The option to disable the announcer would greatly improve the experience.

Firstly, it’s redundant. I loved how all the action was called out not by some “voice from the sky” but rather by the hunters on the ground. Now the dialog between the hunters is being drowned out by this overseer, which really doesn’t belong on Shear.

Secondly, it breaks the immersion of the game. The Hunt mode has always been about getting dropped off in wild territory on a hostile world and tracking a monster near the outskirts (or ruins) of civilization. This booming announcer makes me feel like Evolve is more of a dystopian reality tv show where the monster was let out of a cage and the hunters are engaged in a sporting event rather than a hunt in the wilds.

That being said, options are always a plus. If half the people disagree with this they can leave the announcer on, and the other half can simply turn it off.


Yeah, i like that option.

I think it would have been better to have it more sound like an AI than an arena announcer. More specific call outs for “hunter down” would be better. Assault down, Support down etc.


I agree, more options to let people customise just how much they see or hear isn’t a problem if it’s technically possible.


Add a seperate volume slider for the announcer. That would probably be the easiest fix yet would go a long way.

The announcer is a vital part in making the game a little easier on newcomers, but veterans who don’t need that extra vocal information might find themselves annoyed by it and it just feels a little out of place.


I like to think of it as someone on the ship that is monitoring the situation on the ground and passing on relevant information to the hunters.


The Devs did say they have more stuff coming for customization

@LilTrashPanda is this in the works? Or could it be?


But…but…poor Chloe. :frowning: :chloe_erg: :chloe_judge:


Yea, all her hard work for nothing…


Is it the same announcer that’s in the arena game mode? I thought she was pretty cool in that,but I agree that it would seem a little out of place in hunt.


Should probably re-work the announcer to be someone on the ship, like comms officer.
Make it sound like a radio transmission to the hunter’s ear piece instead of a voice from the sky.
Even better if they get Chloe to record the trapper’s names. That way it feels more personal.

“Hank, the Monster is Stage 2.”
“Markov, the Monster is Stage 3, the relay is vulnerable!”

Instead of an announcer, why not an "Ear mic"?

I like that they wanted to give us more information, but I kinda feel like it ruins the feel of playing as a monster. You had a UI before but everything was relayed to you by on-screen massages (e.g. “Trapper Revived”) or through unobtrusive UI elements. The announcer makes it feel a lot more like a video game than it used to. I think the old way of doing things was great, where you had enough to go by - your own health bar, smell outlines, hunter health bars, the timer etc - but you also god a lot of the info you needed from listening to the hunters call it out to each other. Nothing warms my heart more than hearing Hank yell “AH’M DOWN!”, and he’s a prime example of how you got a lot of ability warnings from them - you hear “Big gun’s ready” you haul ass.

I think the announcer is great, but I’d love the option of turning it off to make the experience a bit more old-school. I think a good middle-ground option would be to move all of the announcer call-outs to a text notification like the old ones if you wanted to keep the information without the immersion-breaking voice.

I still applaud TRS for wanting to give the new players all the information they need, it’s a step in the right direction.