Option to cancel/call Daisy reviving


There are situations where Daisy will revive a hunter, when it would be much better if she did not revive. For example:

  • Monsters can bait Daisy into reviving a hunter to farm strikes
  • Daisy can revive a hunter when Lazarus is alive (I’ve recently seen this first hand)
  • Daisy can revive someone, preventing the hunter from going on the dropship

An option for the hunter being revived to cancel Daisy reviving would help prevent the above situations. Also, there are times when Daisy is derping around and there is ample time to revive a hunter (or if Lazarus can’t get to someone) - an option to call Daisy to revive would help.


This has ruined a bunch of Laz revives for me when I was trying to Elite him. I’m all for it.


I’ve made a thread suggesting this before.

And I still want it.

So yes. Big time.


Yuppers, Daisy is a pretty big annoyance to Laz players. Isn’t her AI getting tweaked in the patch though?


I hate when monsters farm strikes for that crap! Please implement this!!


Whenever I’m Laz, Daisy stay like 50m away. I guess I’ve just been lucky :daisy:


But I’m all for more control over Daisy


Agreed. I remember the first time this happened to me. I was in shock.


Yes I am all for it


That “3” button for Maggie is so unused…


Yep. Pretty sure they addressed the Laz scenario.


Not call, just imagine the two hunters downed that want to be revived, Daisy won’t know where to go if they spammed the call button. But I would that being possible, especially when Lazarus is nearly downed.


Maybe code her to prioritise the Hunter with least hp so she can get them up in time? Or if it’s possible to calculate the distance from her and which would be better to revive 1st


There is other factors like the hunter with the more chance to survive. Between the trapper and the assault, it’s better to save the assault because he will be able to save time until the other come. Also, there would be the distance between the hunter and the monster, or his visibility.


Looks like we have our answers, guys. : D