Option to buy Skins again?


hello there,

I bought all Skins in the ingame Store( Medic nighthunter ect ect) and now they not showing up as “purchased” for me. Only a few ones, not all.

But i can equip all skins, so tbh i dont care, i’m just curious about it.

Someone else got this?


It’s just a graphical glitch or whatever. It has no effect on the skin owner so I highly doubt it’s at the top of their list to fix it. Everyone who buys skins gets this error.


This will happen sometimes, just make sure not to purchase anything you already have. If the stuff you do have purchased becomes locked, try reinstalling the game and all of it’s contents. That should fix the problem.


It’s probably the same visual bug that sometimes happens with the hunting passes. Not sure why it happens but as you said , your content is still accessible.


Thanks. :hamburger: