Optimistic for the future


Is this game living up to your expectations?

Due to travel, I missed both the Alphas on PS4 but so far I don’t see myself putting this game down for a long long time.

For me, it’s the little things each match that have me coming back, be it a perfectly timed ability as monster or using the audio cues as hunters to find an otherwise sneaky monster.

Not sure what the real purpose of this post was, if only to say haters be damned (don’t play if you don’t want) and that this game has been a thrill so far.


I’m sure we’ll see a population decline on the horizon,
But I’m not worried, it’s less we’re losing players, more cutting the fat,
We’ve got a fancy game to play, unlike others, some unique fun,
To be cherished by players all around, and I can live with that.


I have 117 hours into this game and I’m not letting go of it anytime soon. It’s too damn fun!


only fun when winning, hopefully they trim the fat like you say and games will be closer and have smarter players.


You do know the odds of successfully calling heads or tails 5 times in a row right?

They’ve made the odds such that your wins and losses (users being equal) should be about even.

Winning games is great, but losing games can almost be just as fun.


i will have to disagree with this opinion. but i like your enthusiasm

edit: in addition if i was flipping a coin it would be a different story as I have no control over what it lands on.


Many games I’ve lost and I’ve enjoyed it just as much as wins,
As a monster, I ensure my job is more to make a hunter grin,
Because it’s not about winning, it’s all about the fun we make,
And a satisfying hunt is fun! Not like there’s anything at stake…


Glad you are enjoying it.


A leaderboard is just a wall, to show your name for all to see,
If you think it gets you respect, well then I’ve got some troubling news for thee.


I have way too much fun with this game to simply not play!


Again, I appreciate your opinion, but nobody said anything of a leaderboard on this post. I feel as you are reaching for an argument, good sir.


I guess my only point is that with the expectations of balance I think that a user’s expectation to only enjoy it when one wins is unrealistic.

That being said, skill and actual play dictate the actual results, so I see your point as well.


It’s an odd game that from game to game and group to group can go between being one of the best games I’ve played and the most aggravating. In a great match, no doubt, whether I win or lose it is absolutely a thrill and worth the price of admission. That said, so much in this game hinges on the people you’re paired with and sometimes you just can’t avoid the dummies and jackasses, making it a bit of a slog to endure. While I had high hopes that as I got very close to Level 40 things would get better I must say it has been a mixed bag. Some high-level folks are great and you get into that space where people just know what they’re doing and gel quickly. Others i swear I have no idea how they got so high because they still lack some fundamentals of the game like shooting at the Monster when they’re not in a dome or almost dead. Argh! Well, and then once in a while you get the very fussy elites who complain if anyone makes any mistakes or doesn’t make them personally happy. Just hopefully the people who appreciate and enjoy the game with other people will remain and the idiots will work on ruining the next big game soon. :slight_smile:


Skill and play do dictate results. As a team though, not just one skilled player. Maybe actually playing the game you will notice there are 3 other hunters you have to work with. Great opinion about balance, but I fear you misunderstood what the word means. You then go on to say that skill dictates results, yet reference balance as a reason for expectations of winning being unrealistic. All in rapid succession, not only have your opinions been great to open my mind, the very breadth of them and the contradictory nature achieved in such a short span is quite impressive.


Using flowery language doesn’t change the tone of that response.

Good day.


And a great day to you as well!