Optimisation (graphics/FPS) feedback


I thought it’d be good to have a space for people to give some feedback on how the optimisation efforts have gone in terms of improvements or potentially worsening of the games performance.

Please if you’re going to comment here list out some of your machine specs, what kind of FPS you’d have in a combat scenario before Stage 2, and what the FPS you get is now, amongst any other information.


So before the update I was getting possibly around 20fps in fights playing on low settings on 800x600 resolution.

I bumped up to 1024x768 for Stage 2 also on low settings, I now get between around 30fps in fights, and in general the whole experience seems smoother throughout! A definite improvement!

My laptop is a GeForce GT 650M, 16gb of ram, i7 3740QM 2.7ghz


I played on an old system and built a new computer earlier this year. I have noticed some marked improvement.


AMD R9 390 GPU
i6600 CPU

I used custom advanced video settings on the earlier version to get the best performance with only SHADERS set to Very High. I would get FPS slow downs during combat in matches. When Stage 2 came out I initially played around with the custom setting and was still getting FPS slow downs even with VS disabled, but I then went to the standard settings and chose HIGH and now it plays really smooth on my 16:10 ‘1050p’ monitor at 75 FPS with vertical sync enabled. A noticeable improvement! Great work TRS!


Am running a I5 4670K, GTX 970 and 8 Gigs of RAM

Had about 90 fps in normal situations, dropping to 70 under heavy load is legacy evolve

Nothing has changed so far, so I’m not too worried


I dont remember my cpu, it is a i7 2700 maybe?
My gpu is a gtx 670 and 8GB ram and i noticed that in wraith trap and distillery there are lots of freezes sometimes, wraith trap when entering the jungle and distillery in southern zone and near the waterfalls while in the rest of the game i get easily 70fps with high settings and aafx.
Also i get some frame drop when my trapper uses the scanner