Opt out option for join in-progress


There’s absolutely nothing worse than getting dropped into a game as a monster, where the monster is in a battle and has half its HP. To add insult to injury, losses from this are COUNTED in your stats.

This is absolutely unfair to competitive players. Give us the option to opt out of joining games in progress or make losses not count.


I do agree that both of these would be a nice idea, I’d get more out of the first than the second, but thats just me.

If you are a competitive player, they are working on a ranked leaderboard/matchmaking. I imagine you won’t be forced into any in progress games for that


The second idea is fine and the first will make it so that anyone who loses a player mid match will never get it filled. Opt out would be the worst possible way of fixing your complaint.


Agreed this needs to happen. I’ve been pushing for this since the Beta.