Opt out of joining mid-game and bot involvment?


So, I guess most have had games where you either join a game that is almost over and you’re most likely on the losing side of it (Join a game as monster only to die…) or taking over a bot or playing with bots where the AI seem to be “meh” at this stage.

Would people want a checkbox in option where you could “opt out” of at least entering games in progress?
I realize this would increase queuetimes but that would be a choice the player deals with if he/she really doesn’t want to hop into a game in progress.

I for one would love the option to never join a game in progress and I don’t mind waiting extra to get a full game of players, without bots.


I completely agree, especially an option to not start a game with bot.
I don’t play skirmish to play against / with bot.

Matchmaking is actually unefficient. I played with 2 friends yesterday and we had a lot of trouble trying to play a 5 people game. Game either started with bots or broke our party and someone was kicked out of the game.