Opinions on this strangers idea?

So this person suggested that every time a Monster loses all their armor they should permanently lose one bar. So you start with 10 but you lose it all and now it only fills to 9. I said No. Someone else said no. This person implied that we are bad Monster. This person also goes on to say that Monsters win 90% of ESL games. This person says that they have posted a thread here and gave me the title but I could not find it. I blocked out their name but attached an image of their post on the Evolve Xbox Group. image

I am looking for peoples opinions on this suggestion.

That would make it more challanging for the monster and a bit more balanced for the hunters, I think it`s a pretty interesting idea

The monsters are UP already, they don’t need another nerf.

Hey, that’s just my 2 cents.


But wouldn’t also make the Monsters run away even more? And I don’t think Monsters really need an outright nerf like this.


Lol than the Monster will just run away with 1 bar of armor instead of 0. Come on.

And as the others have said, Monsters really don’t need another nerf right now.


Whoever made this has never heard of high level play. Sorry. ._. Worst idea I’ve heard in a long time. Just a straight monster nerf- nerfing ALL of them when three are hopelessly UP- with NOTHING to balance it out? How about a nice cool glass of NOPE with a side of roasted Learn to play?




Having Asteroids any waiting screen is clearly a very important update.

I’d prefer snake. I think if I started playing asteroids I’d be too into it to stop once the role selection screen came up.

At a high level of play, this would be absurd. You’re punishing the monster for using armor, we’d see more running than we already do imo.

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Personally I might be ok with this if hank’s shield projector permanently lost 100 capacity every time I depleted it as monster. Sound reasonable @SomeDude?

I think Hank would already be nerfed as hunters run aggressive comps in order to quickly punch holes in the monster’s armour until they can be melted in two seconds even from full health and armour.

Maybe not 2 seconds, but it can be melted really fast already with a Torvald/Cabot. Imagine how OP that would be then. XD


No offence to the guy that said this but it’s literally one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard ._.

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Ahahahahaha, I’m sorry what?
This guy is just making shit up, and based on his terrible suggestion I suspect he’s just a moron, and a bad hunter. Probably bronze league.


Or different platforms. Thats probably why you see so much dissention on these boards.

The problem with this idea is that it has a snowball effect. As soon as you begin to lose (you lose all your armor), you will lose worse in every consecutive fight.

And like @Pythios said, this would encourage flee-till-3 because fighting the hunters will almost always yield a significant loss.

That is a really bad idea monsters are already UP this would just make it even worse. No one would ever fight before stage 3 because the risk would be massive.

If this happens.
yay flee till 3

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What if you eat a one meat and a Crowbill smacks you upside the head? What happens then?