Opinions on new Skirmish

So far I am absolutely in love with Skirmish now. It lets me play casually, and play Defend which I never get to play because of Evac. It also makes me want to play for longer, since it alternates between only the best gamemodes. The only thing I feel needs fixing with this new patch is the dome, I know that they made tge animation move faster so that you dont run into an invisible wall, but the animation just looks very strange because of how fast it comes down.

They fixed the animation too?

Yep, it goes REALLY fast now. I think if you blink you will miss it.

So is evac still there as a game mode? To play arena do you have to play skirmish?

Evac is still a gamemode, but Arena isnt. You need to play Skirmish or a custom match to play arena, which is fine by me.

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It just need nest.

I would rather keep nest and rescue in evac.

Evac is nasically dead now.

I especially love this patch because of the quick matchmaking

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