Opinions on Cabot now


I’ve made a few posts in the past about Cabot he’s my second favorite next to Hyde but as of late I find it a lot harder to choose him over Bucket because his viability has gone down slightly more then Bucket, was just curious on what everyone’s opinion on him is now (don’t know how to make a poll or I would)

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He’s kinda meh after his nerf, I wouldn’t say he’s bad or anything.


His Rail Cannon needs one of its nerfs reverted back to make him decent again.


He’s not bad don’t get me wrong, but now I feel that choosing him has little impact late game compared to other supports who are great all the way through

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Cabot could use a buff. I mean sunny after all her nerfs got a buff…why not cabot? I don’t count the battery buffs since pretty much every character who uses a battery piece got that recharge.


Imo, Cabot is still fine, he serves the same purpose and does his job well enough, although I will agree with Slewey on a Cannon buff, feels kinda meh

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The amp at stage 3 with the buffs to monster survivability seems to not counter it, the amp I feel is only a threat early on but late game isn’t enough to push since compared to Bucket now can do way more damage then Cabot now even with the amp


Cabot is pure offensive character. Honestly if they had to decrease the amp then I think 900 would have been fine. But his DT needs a buff. It’s the longest Cd move in the game…a dome should be not a dust tag.

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I’m not sure, Cabot is in a weird spot. I still think he’s decent, not that much worse than before the patch to be honest. He’s just not as safe as Hank or Sunny.

I still think he’s way more fun to have on the team than Hank though. You actually have to dodge as a medic and it’s beautiful to see a well coordinated Cabot,assault do a crap ton of damage.


How long is the Dust Tag CD anyway?


I don’t play an awful lot of Cabot, so I don’t know if that’s part of my feeling on him, but I think he rocks. I don’t see what people are complaining about when it comes to either his damage output or his damage amp capacity.

I find it frustrating to long range dust tag, but I don’t have any other issue with that either. At the end of the day I pick Hank if I know the team can’t dodge for shit, and I pick Bucket or Cabot if I want to have fun.

Edit: has a game the other day where I was amping a monster and Jack’s beam smashed it for a ton of health damage. I thought my amp had bugged out because it completely drained in under a second. :wink:


70 seconds.

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HAHA, wow that’s ridiculously bad.

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I dunno. The extra damage Bucket and Cabot bring to the team just don’t seem as good as keeping everyone alive that bit longer. Without Hank on the team, I’d have thought that the ESL tournaments will see strikes in every dome - even a stage 1 dome. So with Hank/Sunny, you keep the team alive longer to do more damage, and you might last domes without taking strikes.

This is especially important, as the damage you do to a stage 1 monster will be partially/mainly regained after 1 or 2 evolves.

Cabot is better than Bucket IMO, due to having more consistent damage - can use damage amp anywhere, whereas turrets have to be placed, and can be destroyed.


Welcome to Dust tagging were a miss is terrible even with it clips the top of the map which is BS

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I played as and with him a couple of days ago, and he didn’t feel too different. The lower capacity on the damage amp isn’t too noticable, and the faster recharge when empty is quite nice. Though, as everyone else has been saying, he would be a better option if his railcannon had a buff.


cabots damage amp needs to go back yup 300 and his rail cannon needs about a 50% damage buff, the thing is useless


I think Bucket and Cabot deserve buffs to their invis

Make the radius 5-10 my longer and reduce the CD by like 5 secs, that way we don’t have to hear the moaning cause I want to pick a character I like…
Might even teach Pubs that cloak is a GOOD team tool… Not some support exclusive get me out of jail card. I swear if more supports and teammates knew how to utilize cloak, these complaints would almost be irrelevant

I pray the next support is a cloak master, so all the pubs are forced to learn

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He’s even more meh than I told you he would be.


The thing is, bucket and cabot both have tools that assist the trapper, but all they do is aid in tracking the monster, not chasing it. Most trappers dont neep help tracking the monster beyond another set of eyes. However, anything that helps the trapper chase or keep up with the monster is really useful for the tracker. Val’s tranqs, Caira’s speed boost, and Sunny’s jp boost are good examples of this.

Unfortunately the UAV and tag cant be changed much in function, the best i could think of is a passive debuff on the monster for the duration of the tags. Maybe a longer cooldown on traversals, or having the tag put the monster out of combat.

In order to be effective these characters need to make the monster realize the match will be a race, both in damage and in movement. They should be scary outside of a dome as well as in it. This way the monster can do more damage in the dome, yes, but hunters do more damage and can do extra damage in the impending chase afterwards.

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