Opinions On Behemoth


What are your guy’s opinions on Behemoth. Is it to powerful to weak or are there things that need to be fixed.


His roll just needs to be fixed.
Other than that, hes fine, except against Thor, against Thor hes pretty much helpless


He’s still very weak. The buffs weren’t really enough. If you play against torvald and/or sunny you may aswel disconnect as the game is over before it starts.


bugs are holding him back. toungue grab deals damage but doenst pull. fissure near a high rise doesnt fire off at all. rock wall being rock wall. and not being able to aim lava bomb is a pain.


Parnell, Torvald, Sunny, and Griffin are the Behemoth’s weaknesses.


Bob is pretty strong in my opinion, but he’s so bugged I just don’t bother scrolling to him when I play.


I used to love him, then I was crushed utterly and helplessly by a group with Griffin

Haven’t been able to come back to him since

Also ya he still crashes games so there’s that.


Behemoth actually handles Griffin a lot better now, unless theres a Sunny, in which case you were prolly fucked from the get go


I’m trash with him.


hes pretty weak.

he still has problems against griff

gets punished hard by proper hunter positioning

75% of his abilitys just dont work as intented (fissure vanishes often,toungegrab doesnt pull, rockwall has holes)

winning with him against a decent team only happens if the hunters make severe mistakes

the only time hes decent is in caves… and now that you know that never fight him in there.

i mean im winning with him but i dont feel like bringing him out against hunters that are remotly skilled

also i have yet to see a scary behemoth, that thing is more a punshingbag than a monster


What about Maggie? I’d argue her harpoons are stronger against bob than any other monster.


I feel he is stationary for too long during the execution of his powers. If he could cast his abilities while moving, that would improve him dramatically. He isn’t weak, but he is just ridiculously vulnerable to certain assaults and damage, far more so than anyone else. I refuse to play Torvald if a monster player wants to go as the Behemoth as it is just depressing how stupidly easy he melts. Parnell isn’t far off.

He needs to have something, perhaps his armour is stronger or his flesh is tougher, but he needs something to help compensate for both his enormous hit box and his static nature. Being more creative, maybe he could even curl up into a ball to reduce damage, like a hermit crab or the little rock beetle things.


In combat yeah but on the run Griffin is better.


To be honest, it doesn’t depend on the strength of the Behemoth, its how you use it. I understand that sounds pretty basic and stupid, but if you know how to efficiently use the Behemoth’s abilities and basic attacks, he can be the best monster of the four. I already have all his abilities at two stars as well. I usually spam the basic melee attack that activates when you melee while rolling. I also bought the Sandstone skin so he is pretty powerful now.


You take that as a given when discussing the pros and cons of a character. It doesn’t change the fact that there are potential issues with the design, when compared against the other monsters. A person could be undefeated in 300 Behemoth games and it could still be the weakest of the beasts.


The problem is not unterstanding the Behemoth, its the problem your options and success depends on the enemy team and not on yours.

If you cant get away, or get to easily hit (by Torvald for example) its not your fault of playing. Kraken has better options against all Hunters, Behemoth can be dead already at the loading screen where you see the enemy team comp.


IMO the roll spamming needs to be fixed. However Behemoth also needs a buff to compensate considering it is nearly impossible to win without doing it this to a team that doesn’t follow you into caves, is very mobile, and doesn’t get separated. They can dodge your abilities easily if they continuously boost away to another ledge or if they have sunny. The only way to beat them is to out damage their medic and focus support. This is only possible when you can spam roll.


I am a huge fan of the Behemoth. I can’t seem to pick any other monster. The next Monster will have to be awesome for me to switch. I can’t offer opinions against the Kraken Wraith or Goliath… because I don’t use them. But I am a fairly highly ranked Behemoth, so if anyone wants to play me or discuss strategy, my PSN id is ryn0014


I say refine his roll, fix the tongue grab and rock wall bugs, and maybe help out his fissure speed so hunters can’t dodge it so easily? I love Big B, so otherwise he’s fine IMO.


Exactly, also his fissure needs to have the bug fixed where it doesn’t appear. Roll spamming right now is one of the only viable strategies against cheesy teams or good teams considering his attacks are slow and his movements are slow