Opinions of Perks costing Silver Keys?


My one criticism with the perk system is the requirement of keys having to unlock perks. It’s my only real issue with Stage 2 because perks affect the power and stats of characters. I feel like they should just be unlocked from the get go and give everyone a more even playing field. Characters I can understand costing keys because they’re side grades and have their strengths and weaknesses.



I dislike this as well. Unlocking via Account progression was the best.

Plus the prices for the perks are crazy! Perk’s shouldn’t cost close to or more than skins.


Yeah I loved the original system, really saw a sense of powering up the more you delved into it. I do not mind the new system but yeah, when you want to fill up your perk tree it does get costly. I think if you have the characters you want then at least you have all those silver keys to put into perks of your choice. I unlocked all the basic ones from the periodic chests that was a nice bonus.


Free to play games tend to have mechanics like this to keep people invested/playing to keep the player base up. Basically the carrot. When the game first came out masteries were pretty much the same. Only now you get to choose the order for them and they take a bit longer.


I highly disagree. The old system meant that if you highly desired a specific perk that was only unlocked at later levels, you couldn’t do anything to speed up the process. With the new system you can get your most desired perks after playing only a few rounds. It gives much more freedom of choice for the player.

And I also disagree that they are expensive. It takes only 3 or 4 matches to get enough credits to acquire or upgrade most perks.


Except you don’t need perks kept behind a currency paywall to keep that carrot on the stick. The issue is that I can’t even buy a skin because I need to save a lot of keys just so I’m not put at a disadvantage.


It makes the system disconcertingly similar to a pay-to-win mechanic.


Everyone is in the same boat for that reason. They didn’t want founders to have perk advantage otherwise Pay 2 Win enters. I think the system is fair and fine.


You can earn all perks by mastering characters.


[quote=“SirKeksalot, post:7, topic:88921, full:true”]
It makes the system disconcertingly similar to a pay-to-win mechanic.
[/quote]Eh, I’d personally argue it’s more like forcing you to really stick to one playstyle until you’ve got all the perks.

It’s all about finding a way to effeciently stick to that playstyle while you’re saving. My first order of business is msot definitely going to be to blitz the perks first. Grab my Cabot, all the reload speed I can get, and perhaps the perk that lets me see through walls and then just keep my Keys until I get a decent number of perks to allow me to vary my playstyle enough with other characters.


I’m saying that perks should be unlocked for everyone regardless if you’re founders or not so that everyone is on the same playing field.

You have power kept locked behind in-game currency in a multiplayer focused game.


But then you will not retain as many people. You don’t feel like your are growing in the game. People will play a few times and then leave. Not everyone wants/cares about skins, or even different characters. But making your Hunter/Monster stronger with perks, try new things… that appeals to a lot.


But not a pay. Considering you don’t even have ranked until 20 you are at no disadvantage until then. By level 20 you can easily purchase and pretty much max out the perks you care about.


So play the characters, and unlock them via progression?

You can do both. Buy or play.


Are all perks unlocked in Ranked mode?


No idea. But even if they aren’t, you don’t have to go into ranked until you want to.


I do feel like I need the max lvl perks before I can really go against a serious monster, even if he doesn’t have max perks himself.


My opinions are that they cost to damn much! I got 3,000 extra keys but I can only buy 3 more perks :confused:


I actually like it when perks are not handed out. I see it as a way to inspire others t9 reach higher levelea and what not.

When the perks are handed out, the game plateaus with not much variety that way. When peoples levels are different they tend to play differntly and might spawn new ideas from both the mindsets.


Where i can buy the perks? Only on the character selection for the match?