Opinion of a new player


Hey guys,

I’m new player here and I totally like the concept of the game. There are though few things that seem to be rather wrong and I wonder if you would agree with me:

  1. Why monster can not kill relay when being attacked? It’s just looks so ridiculous (at least to me) when a moment ago you attacks almost killed the relay and then hunters came and for another 20-30 seconds you start hitting it with no effect. I could of course just turn around and kill dudes first, but I wanted to check if it is really not gonna be destroyed. And yep it looks so ridiculous…

  2. Why hunters can be re-spawned infinitely while Daisy is alive, but can not when they all wiped but the relay still stays? The drop-ship accidentally forgets where the place was?? For the sake of logic I think they should either be re-spawned till the relay destruction (coz at this moment mission really fails) or not being re-spawned at all (spectate and wait for Laz if he is around and body is still there or join another lobby)

  3. What if instead of the chase-chase-chase game (to my short experience the hunt always looked like this) it would be a mutual hunt game? For example monster evolution is alternated so that there is several points at which to evolve he needs to consume hunter body + monster is given an ability to grab and carry a small body (such as hunter with him). In this case it should be made so it is easier (a bit) for monster to escape than now, but the hunters will not wait for long till they start being hunted…)

Ok, thanks for reading to all who reached till here.
Would appreciate any feedback.

  1. if you could just attack the relay, there would never be any reason for a monster to fight. He would just stage up to three max armor and tank the hunters and there would be nothing they could do. In fact the relay is only there to force the hunters to fight a stage three monster

  2. Its simply a game mechanic. There isnt a lore reason behind it


Well I guess it just me, it hurts a bit when things are not logical. They could make for example so that the relay would be destroyed by some special stage 3 channelled attack (not just basic attacks) in this case interruption would look reasonable. Though I understand they have more important things to deal with…


The "chase chase chase " as you say is a necessary game mechanic. Being a new player I understand if it’s taking you a while to catch the monster.

Myself, the monster doesn reach stage three anymore. I trap him between 1 and 2. And believe me, a stage 1 is not fun to fight. Almost always an instant win. I prefer fighting stage 2-3.

And if the monster needed a hunter body to eat to stage up we definitely wouldn’t see many stage 3 monsters.

  1. Attacking the relay is like any other “grapple” type event in-game and can be interrupted the same way. Being attacked by wildlife, being pounced by a monster and attacking the relay are all the same fundamentally. If the monster could hammer away without interruption it would make the end-game to easy.

  2. Daisy counts as a fifth hunter, if she lives the hunters get to respawn. The relay is not a character, its just a way for them to force a conflict at the end of the game if either team is hiding and running. The goal of hunt isn’t the relay, the relay is just a last resort.

  3. Sounds a little complicated, the entire game is built around the hunt. The hunters and their skills are built to chase, trap and subdue the monster.