Operation F.M


by F.M I mean friendly monster and it did work five games and no one stopped to say hey I think the monster doesn’t want to fight but then again they may also think free win. you guys can try it out it just to see how people react to a friendly in evolve so ya/


no clue what this thread is really about…?


I am all for friendly gamers, but I am not sure what you mean here.


I think he means not fighting the hunters as the Monster. He says that instead of these people fooling around, they think free win and kill him.


Basically, a game starts with you as the monster, and instead of trying to kill the Hunters you instead just mess around, and make no real effort to attack them, just to see if they’ll still try to kill you, or if they’ll mess around along with you.


That’s pretty cute! :slight_smile: I’d love to do that. Games like that sound so fun! I’ve done it before, but with friends.


This reminds me of the time I glitched as Wraith and I froze during an abduct. My biggest regret is that nobody thought to just jump on my head…


Feel like this will cause a lot of posts in the Evolve Anonymous thread.


I’ve done that twice. Both times I was with a friend who cackled in glee as he slowly killed me. ;-;

Oh, actually, have you tried jumping onto a Kraken’s head? I did that once and I flew!


i love watching the abduptapult video


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