Open-world Evolve


So earlier I was imagining what the perfect version of Evolve would be for me. And what I imagined was an open world version of evolve, where the map would be huge. It would be more like a big FPS MMO, think Planetside levels of size and scope. There would be two sides (obviously), the hunters, and the monsters. You could actually make your own monster or hunter from a set of skills based around the class. Like there would be tank monsters, support monsters, and stealth monsters (very basic but you get the idea). With hunters they could keep the same four classes and possibly add more.

The gameplay would consist of the monsters trying to assault the hunters bases in huge packs, with everyone having a different type of monster depending on what genes (skills) they chose during character creation. The hunters would have to quickly assemble at that location to fight off the monsters and maybe even persue them to their nests.

I’m just throwing around ideas here, if you guys have any just put them below :smiley:


There was actually a game like this ( i dunno if its still here) It was called SWARM or something (based on Star Ship Troopers)
Had awesome graphics and stuff but very low on players !


I would like an open world version of Evolve that’s a hybrid of SWTOR/KOTOR and Skyrim. And have a different campaign based on which class you choose


So more focused on single-player?


Yeah, I’m kind of a single player guy.
But if they make it (whoever they are) as a MMO which you can still enjoy by yourself, I’d be happy with that too.


SWTOR was boring af. -.-


It was my style of game though, so I probably liked it more than I should have

Also, it’s star wars


Well, we have 3 collectors editions we no longer use. ^.-

Darth Malgus thing sitting on my desk right now. O.o


I played SWTOR, I enjoyed it until my computer died on me and became stupid.


I didn’t pay for it, so I didn’t get as much experience and other stuff as you then.
To get levels I had to grind more than a Twilek In Jabba the Hutt’s palace


Eh, we pre-ordered ours. :stuck_out_tongue:
By we, I mean my father. But we’re all in the same family, so it’s the same to me.


Sigh… SWToR… I was so excited for this game to succeed I bought collectors editions for friends of mine… I think I nearly spend $1000 on peoples accounts and upgrade… Sadly it was such a horrible disappointment.

Good stories (If you can play a story you like). Good characters (if you can find a character you like). Forcing people to play a character/style they don’t like to fit into their social group… kills it.

Good dungeon/mission advancement. Love the multiple choices…


I wanted to pay for some stuff in it, but the grind got too much in the later levels.
If they offered the same game as a singleplayer and lessened the amount of exp you needed to get to level, I would buy the shit out of it.
So I would like them to take some of the good stuff from it into an open world game for evolve, probably need to clone Matthew to get all the story/lore and conversations done though


Planetside 2 meets Evolve.
I dig it


I’d love a L4D style Shear campaign…

Open world… Hrmm… Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be damn sexy… but in the end of the day: What’s going on in this game?

Big game hunting? Will L3 monsters be warming in the farthest reaches of Shear getting to L100 before swarming en-mass into new zones? What would you do if you were being spawn camped by a party of krakens… Is it instanced play so that there’s never that many monsters?


They could do it like the hunters quest app, where the basic enemies are the wildlife, and have the monsters as bosses, staging up as you level up.
Also, it may be lore breaking but they could have some humans as bosses as well, ones who want to harness the monsters, or ones who worship them, etc.

You could probablky have a campaign linked to the evacuation of shear, and the map bonuses as story points. Maybe have random people to save/wildlife to kill, or materials to collect as side quests


Maybe have it sort of like Planetside 2 where the basic monster soldiers are like reavers and stuff and then when you choose the max you can pick a Stage 2 Goli, Krak, Wraith, or Bob.
Hunters would be like PS2 as well, basics are different variants of Ebonstar soldiers, then the maxes are actual hunters.
This should totally be a thing, why isnt this a thing yet?!?


I was thinking it would be instanced, multiple servers with a max of maybe 30 monsters and 120 hunters or something.


Well, I would want monsters to still be playable. So it would all be PVP.