Open up the vote on Evac!


I’m a big fan of Evac’s autobalance and fun little perk/quirk system, but the frequent pattern I get every time I play is Hunt-Nest-Hunt-Nest-Defend. On the rare occasions where Nest and Hunt are up against each other, I rarely see folks pick Nest of their own volition. I’m sure there are lots of changes that can be made to these modes, but in the meantime, what I would really like to see the Evac vote opened up to all three modes each vote so that players can shape their own experience and pick modes based on what they’d find fun. Even if that leads to four hunt games with different perks and a defend to cap it off, that seems preferable to the forced choice between Nest or Rescue that happens with players who don’t want to play those modes. What are other peoples thoughts on the matter?


Rescue is broken. Nest is where it’s at.


I like them all and the only reason I play evac is because that’s the only place I can play the objective modes. If people want to play hunt, just go and play hunt. I don’t get it. Personally, I would not like to see it opened up, but I do get a good mix of rescue and nest. I’m happy with the voting system as it stands.