Open text chat on Round Summary screen


With your microphone you can voice chat to everyone in the Round Summary screen** right after a match. But you can only text chat to your team.
Monsters can type things in, too, but no one can read them which is pretty pointless.

Please change the text chat on Round Summary to an open chat. Especially in Hunt 2.0 there is no way of writing anything to the other team currently.

Personally I feel like it’s a bug because A) it is inconsequent to open voice chat but not text chat and B) what is the point of a closed monster chat? But I’ll just post it under suggestions.

BTW: If you have more time: Make two chat buttons. One for team chat and one for open chat. Both for text and voice. It would be pretty nice to be able to select who you want to talk to.

** This screen:


THIIIIIS. There’s so little interaction between the two sides. You have about 20 seconds total of “GG!” “yes, well played” “You hid well during your first stage”, “Haha yeah, I real–!” and then you get cut off because the teams are split up. More communication between the two sides would be a nice little thing to add.

You should of course just retain the option of muting a player.

Maybe for in-game purposes, all-chat would as default be turned off, and then people could start a vote to enable all-chat. If they want to communicate with the other team.


I wish this was on console ;-;


I feel you console-bro :weary: