Open Community Tournament - Xbox One Players! Starts March 27 With Prizes!

Hello Everyone! With less than a week away from the Chappie Challenge coming to an end, I’m sure that there were plenty of us who wish we would or could have participated in it. On that note, I believe that it’s time for us to announce:

“The Far Arm Tournament”
Sign Up link below:

A big shout-out to Evolve Xbox one community ( )for putting the time and effort into organizing such Event.

Tournament will start March 27. As most of our members are not seeking to be competitive at high levels, this time-frame allows for players to coordinate around life & schedules."
Also heard that 2K PR folks are working to get some prizes awarded to the winning team.

We’re hoping for this to have a great turnout so we can continue to Host Tournaments for you all! The community has been really supportive thus far and we’d love to see it grow so we can have more Community Events in the future. More News on the Subject to come! This post is for you guys to be aware that we’ve been working on the Tournament. This will give you time to start preparing and getting your teams together. We’re likely going to be talking about start dates once the next Evolve Patch comes in so it can fix some of the current bugs, the level reset issue, and for them to add Spectator Mode. Remember to organize in teams of Five Members and please read the PDF file for more details and specifications of the rules!

If you have any questions that are not answered on the document, post a comment below and either myself or one of the other Admins of the tournament will try their best to respond as quickly as possible!

Team up with members of the community to create The Best Team of Hunters Ever Assembled! Or prove that you are Apex Predator!

So Gear Up! We’re going in!

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Any prizes listed yet?

This is the first I’m seeing this and I realize the tourney starts today. Still room for one more team?

I thought it said the 27th? At least that’s the date on the Challonge website. Used to be the 20th

Start Date has been pushed one week to March 27th and tournament matches will only be official during the weekends!
• The Team Captains or at least one member of the Registering Teams will have to let me know what team they are representing for organization purposes.
• Dates for your matches will be given to you with a week’s notice so you can coordinate with the opposing team so all players can be present.
• Broadcasting is optional but players are encouraged to do so!
• Officially Register your team by following this link!
IMPORTANT Teams that are already registered please contact me so we can have a representative for your team or you will be disqualified!
Thank You for your patience and supporting our page and Evolve! I hope to see you all in the tournament!
Good Luck & Happy Hunting!

This announcement is incredibly old. Please delete it and create a new post so people don’t get confused about when the tournament is. Already people think it’s too late to sign up (since you have it incorrectly starting on the 13th), so I’m sure we could get more if a correct version was posted. We really appreciate the shout out and help to managae the tournament though! It means a ton! :smiley: <3

Updated the original post and added a date in the title :wink:

You’re the best man, thanks a ton :smile:

I am working with @DamJess on the prizes, TBD but there will be prizes :smile:

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So you have to have a monster player? not 4 with a monster?

Each team can have 5 players. One can be a dedicated monster or you all can swap the monster/hunter with the 5th team member.

Thanks man!


You are correct, the dates have been pushed back to give more time for folks to register. :smiley: )

The following teams need a representative to step forth and claim ownership. Please send me a note. We have some info to pass on (please also see the tournament page discussions too :slight_smile: )
• The Monster Baiters
• Team VSP

Folks - Just heard that there will be prizes specifics will be forthcoming. Will be Evolve related! Stay tuned for more and sign up!

This is just a suggestion, but could the start date be the 31st…once the balance patch comes out? Or was this something that is meaning to be a “weekend tourney” thanks!

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to do a competition without first testing out the balance changes and new characters. Plus then there are 2 new maps that we don’t know yet.

That would be a disaster lol :wink:

Sorry for my wording ha. I meant to say a time after the 31st.

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Every tournament is console…