Open beta jan 15 xbox one


So if i pre-order the game from gamestop i wont recieve the game untill the 10th of feb. How can i play the beta then ? Or Will i have to Wait for it and download it from xbox store?


Search function is a virtue.


Forum 1on1, common sense If you ask me.


Why do you all want to pre-order Evolve at Gamestop?


Well gamestop offers the monster expansion pack and the extermination skin for hunters just loOK at the forum with the elite skins they Also show this hunter skin and then in the u.s. we only have gamestop as their isn’t any E.B games store as they offer the expansion pack and the second tier character unlock and they have a special edition which Gamestop doesn’t offer
And most retailers just offer the second tier hunters which is pointless if u got a xbox one as you can play beta without the code on their as Xbox one gets it free in marketplace on someday in Jan so thts why


Those skins will be available a month after the release no matter where did you buy the game. Gamestop will give you those skins only one month earlier that’s all.

There is no real advantage for gamestopers.

That’s not a big deal.


You get them for free from Gamestop. I don’t remember if this is confirmed or not but those skins become available for purchase after 30 days.


Since the questions have been answered, I’ll close this one since we have a dedicated beta thread here: